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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Giveaway & Projects for 2015 OTWS Q2 Finishes

Happy Easter to all this morning!

This post is to document all my intended finishes
for the 2015 On the Windy Side Q2. Rules and such 
at the link if you'll join me. I'm almost 
pink-cheeked at all my WIPs, but there will 
be more confessions than just mine this week.

Above is a project I will be telling you about
this week. A Variable Star block that will 
become a pillow for a Giveaway at the end of 
the month, and is also my April goal for A Lovely 
Year of Finishes. The Pink Doxies Pet Project 
Show linky party is going on right now here
and will last until Monday night. We have the 
same link party each weekend you can link up to.
I will pick one random winner at the end of 
this month to receive this pillow. I'm happy
to ship anywhere in the world for you!

Are you interested in winning?

Enter the Pet Project link party for one chance.
*Each weekend means another chance!
Parties #14, 15,16, and 17 count.
Follow me on Bloglovin' -or- by email for another.
Following on Twitter gives you one more,
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You can leave me one comment here on this 
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end of the month and add them to your total.

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HST Quilt

A Kate Spain laminated fabric bag for shopping

Another Pie Quilt with some 
Pam Kitty and other cheery fabrics.

A Love block lap quilt from A Quilter's Mixology

The quilted iPad cover I promised after Christmas!

Tula Pink jelly roll quilt I started over a year ago!

My Pojagi-like hanging for my window.

Dare I even say the Daydream Quilt?

My daughter is getting tired of waiting on 
this hexagon quilt.

Jelly Beans and Chocolate. I love this backing!
Why can't I just finish it?


Sashing and backing fabric just 
ordered for this beauty from 
Modern Tradition Quilts Charm
Square Quilt Along.

Okay, I actually have a few more, but
I will hold off until the summer quarter.

Actual link ups to the second quarter start
in a few days, but I thought a few of you 
might want some time to get ready. You
know who you are!

Let's bust those WIP's together this quarter!

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's go sew.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Pet Project Show #13

My Life Aquiltic
A very modern looking pieced back using my 
remnants. I envision a column of ocean water 
with a small wave swell on top.

I spent yesterday sewing alongside my mom. 
She worked on her Little Dresses for Africa, and 
I finished this quilt top. (Aren't we lucky?) 
This will be another Pie Quilt.

I had to snap these pictures late yesterday
afternoon before I lost the light. I wanted
you to have a realistic idea of how relaxed
I am when making a quilt sandwich. I've 
had some shifting in the back while moving
it around so I'll need to fix that before 
I actually start FMQ. I'm also adding 
just a little more length to the ends, 
 to ensure I don't run out of backing
while quilting. You will get shrinkage.

I'm off taking a class today in creating a 
landscape quilt. It's offered through my new
and sounded too interesting to pass up.
Besides, I've made some good friends there
already, and they're coming. Quilting is a 
social hobby if you want it to be.

This was last Saturday at Heritage Arts Days.
How can you not smile when you're
sewing among friends?

It's Saturday, and time for the weekly 

Pink Doxies 

Pet Project Show. 

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Do we have to have rules? 

No worries! It's EASY.

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Whatever it is that inspired you to create this 
week, we'd like to see it here. 

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The Linky Party starts now, and runs until 
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Pie Quilts

My new Moo Cow baby quilt 
front and back.

 The backing is a actually a textured print, 
with a striped Moda binding.

I started this little quilt with some 
'Milk Cow Kitchen' fabrics by Moda
 I had on hand, and added to it some of 
my other favorites. I wanted a more
traditional-feeling quilt with a little boy
in mind after all the little girls quilts
I had made lately.

Lately I've been running crazy behind the scenes of 
Pink Doxies with half a dozen projects. So many 
new things happening--so much to tell you, but I 
won't overwhelm you. Spring is here with a 
few brave flowers and occasional overnight 
snow, but I have faith the sun will shine. 
Let's keep our sewing simple so we can enjoy 
the warmer weather.

One of my latest projects to tell you about is 
 Pie Quilts.
More on the name in a bit.

For many folks ready to learn all about sewing and 
quilting, it's a scary thing to pick out a project
that is past the Very Beginner level, but doesn't have too
many new things to tackle all at once. I hear over 
and over, "I can do pillowcases, and this-and-that, 
but where should I start with quilting?"


"I used to sew quite a bit, but it's been a while."

First, there are so many places to learn the most 
basic skills of sewing and quilting. Take a class 
where you live, or do one online class. Many online 
sites have free lessons, and will walk you through 
all the basic steps of your first quilt.
You know my theory on free resources-- 

Free is Great!

Google it yourself or look here.

Sewing Lessons and Courses
Craftsy's Free Sewing Classes

There's almost 250 free classes there just
for sewing!

But then what?
What can I do next? 

How can you be sure a project is right for you now? 
Everyone wants to be successful and make sure 
they can get the project done they've chosen, but 
we should also be building skills as we sew. 
So, not too easy, but not too hard either. 

Now the name--Pie Quilts.

Did your mom ever tell you,
"It's Easy as Pie, honey!"

Folks, I used to be a big pie maker, and 
let me tell you, making one is not at 
all that easy. We ate a lot of flops.
My crust was always perfect, but depending on
what fruit I used, things could go south in a 
hurry. I learned that by making sure I had a good 
crust recipe from my mom, didn't mess with my 
oven temperature, and always used real butter, 
I could learn how to make all the different 
fillings one at a time.

This is a Pie Quilt.
We're only going to change one thing at a time.

A Pie Quilt has one serious stipulation for you. 
If you have basic skills, and have put together at 
least two basic quilts with straight lines, then 
it's a good choice. Why do I say you should have 
sewn two quilts before? Sewing is skill-based, and 
requires repetition and practice. You get better by 
doing it. Even the most skilled sewists I know 
are still working on their skill set. 

I know when I did my first quilt, I was completely 

amazed when I finally finished it. I struggled 
through it, and made a lot of corrections. I also 
had someone holding my hand when I got stuck. 
The second one I tried to do more on my own, 
and I had an idea what would come next. 
There was a big difference in my process, my skill, 
and my outcome even by the second quilt. 
By the third quilt, stand back because 
I was ready to take on anything! 
Not really, but it felt that way. 

This is the point when we struggle 

to pick out a project that causes us to 
stretch a little, but not break.

I want you to be successful, and I love to have 
people to sew with, so let's do this together.

Many of you readers already have gorgeous quilts 
stacked in your boudoir, but you have friends 
with quilt envy who would like to learn how to get 
started. This is a good place for you to refer them, 
or make it easier for you to get them safely started.

The Moo Cow baby quilt will be our first Pie
Quilt project coming very soon, and the Wave
quilt, or 'Aquiltic' as my daughter refers to the
one below, will be our second. Although they
might look complicated to a newer quilter,
they are not beyond your reach! 
We're working on one new skill at a time.

The Moo Cow quilt at the top is quilted, bound, and 
headed for my Etsy shop this weekend. I try to keep 
everything here free, but I also need to buy
fabric and other materials. I encourage you to
browse my Etsy shop if you're in quick need of
a handmade gift, and help me keep the lights on.

We can do this together. If you have a question
or run into a problem, we'll have a place for 
you to ask. Are you excited yet? I am!

Come back soon for Pie Quilts~

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's go sew.

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