Friday, March 27, 2015

Pet Project Show #13

My Life Aquiltic
A very modern looking pieced back using my 
remnants. I envision a column of ocean water 
with a small wave swell on top.

I spent yesterday sewing alongside my mom. 
She worked on her Little Dresses for Africa, and 
I finished this quilt top. (Aren't we lucky?) 
This will be another Pie Quilt.

I had to snap these pictures late yesterday
afternoon before I lost the light. I wanted
you to have a realistic idea of how relaxed
I am when making a quilt sandwich. I've 
had some shifting in the back while moving
it around so I'll need to fix that before 
I actually start FMQ. I'm also adding 
just a little more length to the ends, 
 to ensure I don't run out of backing
while quilting. You will get shrinkage.

I'm off taking a class today in creating a 
landscape quilt. It's offered through my new
and sounded too interesting to pass up.
Besides, I've made some good friends there
already, and they're coming. Quilting is a 
social hobby if you want it to be.

This was last Saturday at Heritage Arts Days.
How can you not smile when you're
sewing among friends?

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Sarah Craig said...

I love your triangles quilt - very very pretty! And pieced backs are the bomb! Yours is very creative. Whoop whoop!

evaj said...

Kramar från Sverige och Bambi!!

Claire said...

Your triangles look good, and so does the pieced back. I have an ocean themed quilt coming up this year--still designing it. Not sure I'll ever have the courage to do a triangle quilt. Visiting from Oh Scrap!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

I have been wanting to make a pieced triangle quilt like this for some time. I like the blues you have used. Thanks for sharing this with Oh Scrap!

QuiltLaughLove said...

I really want to do a triangle quilt! This looks great!