Friday, March 23, 2018

How to Piece a 6 Pointed Star from Scraps

Six Pointed Star Hexie

My last post 60 Degree Shapes talked about experimenting with these blocks, and many of you said this was something on your own bucket lists. It's opened the door to another world of quilts to make, and I thought you might want to join me.

This is a picture heavy post for those of you who need to know before continuing, but you'll know all my tricks from cutting to problem shooting by the end. Shall we do this?

*This tutorial assumes basic sewing techniques of a intermediate sewist.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

60 Degree Shapes

Cut from 2.5" Strips

A 60 Degree Play Day

Today was a catch up with laundry and ironing. But when the stack of shirts was done, I switched over to some scraps I keep at the house. I've wanted to play with some shapes to make stars based on 60 degrees angles. Though I've made a 60 degree triangle quilt, I've never pieced with diamonds, and was curious how hard it could be. 

The Lone Star is based on 60 degree diamonds as well as many other vintage quilts I've been itching to make. See, I do have a carrot dangling out in front of me! As soon as those PUPs are done, I have big plans. Well, at least one good one.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Doing the Quilting Shuffle

An Embroidered Beauty

One day early this winter I visited my friend, Irene, and we put our heads together on different ways to finish up some of her numerous 'outstanding' projects. I saw this top across the back of her chair, and asked what she was going to do with it. It was headed for a local longarmer that only did pantographs, she said. Hmm. I thought and I wavered. I was not taking any customer quilts at that time, but I positively could not allow someone to quilt over top of that embroidery either. On the way out the door I told her I was taking it, I was quilting it, and that was that.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

AMH Loominous Quilt Finish

Anna Marie Horner Loominous 
Quilt Kit from Craftsy

I've written about the charm of quilt kits from Craftsy in the past, and how they're great to have on hand when you need a quick quilt. The fabric is pulled, the pattern is included, and they mail it to you. (It's like pizza delivery.) I think, "A lot of bang for little effort (and buck) on my part." When this kit went on sale, I snapped it up. I had seen the Loominous line in stores, and it was not your run of the mill quilting fabric. This woven draped more like luxurious chambray with light body, and felt so soft! I knew I would love it next to my cheek when snuggling with a quilt.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Saltwater Jelly Roll Quilt

16 Patch Stars & Diamonds
Full/Queen at 76" x 97"

My goodness, am I glad to have this quilt top together! Whew. Talk about a project going on for-ev-er. This is Tula Pink's Saltwater line, and was the first jelly roll I EVER purchased or worked with!

Yesterday was devoted to cleaning off my work table as I have my monthly group coming in this week. With the ironing surface freshly vacuumed, I pressed all my recently laundered fabrics and backings. I sat to rest when this caught my eye from the Pink Doxies' PUPs table...Pile of Unloved Projects. (Big wink!)

Monday, March 5, 2018

QST Scrap Quilt

A Second Chance Quilt: 
Scrap Blocks and Stash Borders

One of my favorite quilts ever is my 'Chicago, 2007' QST Quilt--Entry for Blogger's Quilt Festival 2015. There is such a good story behind it, and it was the first I ever long arm quilted. While combing my shelves for old projects, I came across a box full of extra blocks I'd made for it. These were too good to waste! These dark winter days needed a charge of happy colors so I set right to it.

Friday, March 2, 2018

3D Groovy Wrapped Star Finish

Wrapped Star

I have been buried deep in books about making 8 pointed stars. Construction methods, math, templates, names, and yes, new quilts I want to make this year! I think I'm in love with these versatile blocks! Technically, my 3D Groovy star is a Wrapped star as it has 4 strips to each star point, and perhaps also because of the 4 patches in the corner. I could not tease out if the pattern would still be called 'wrapped' without those, or if there were variations related to how the colors/values were used. It's nitty-gritty, but good to know.

You can see the first post about this project Star Quilt from Strips: 3D Groovy

Monday, February 26, 2018

Tricks, Tips & Common Sense for No Pin Quilt Borders

Black Tie Affair
Bee Blocks 2016

I can't imagine this pretty, little thing was from 2016 already! Alone on a shelf with no finish in her future. I read the note I had stashed with it, the accompanying fabric, and set to pressing out the wrinkles. Each project that comes out has some story behind why it didn't get finished--some problem I encountered that wasn't easily solved. This gal was lacking fabric for the borders, and some finicky seam work. I had searched high and low in stores and online for that fabric, and it had all disappeared. Until...

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Two Not-So-Teeny Texas Braids

A Texas Three Step 

There were several tongue-in-cheek titles I had for this quilt. Texas Three Step because there were really only 3 different pieces in it, and 3 sewing steps for the whole quilt. The other was Crazy Quilt because of the repetition. Now that I'm done, I do appreciate the true vintage braids all the better, though. Will I do it again? No way, but don't let me sway you. You may enjoy it, but I'll say I've crossed this one off my bucket list with a marker.

There is good information on cutting and organizing such an array of fabrics on the first post: A Texas Braid Christmas Quilt

Monday, February 19, 2018

Drunkard's Path & High Water

Drunkard's Path
67" x 89.5"

These blocks were found in a little store miles out in the country, tucked into a basket under piles of other vintage textiles. You must dig for buried treasure, you know. They came home with me, were carefully washed and pressed, and sat in another box for about two years. As I systematically pull out unfinished projects, they have been brought to life.

Read A Sweetheart of a Quilt to see the original condition the blocks were in when I started, and how I trimmed them.