Saturday, December 30, 2023

Glitter Blocks Week 5: Christmas Vacation

Glitter Blocks Week 5: Christmas Vacation

I checked the weather forecast days before leaving for a break before Christmas. I had cut just under 50 blocks thinking I would have a back up in case there was bad weather, and thankful I was! It didn’t just rain—it poured! It looked like a movie set when you looked up at the streetlights. More like tropical storm strength than just a shower! There were spots of sunshine a few days, but still cool so much of my time was spent at the machine listening to podcasts. Here I had finished 25 blocks the first 3 days.

By the morning of the 5th day, I’d gone through all the cut out blocks I’d brought along never thinking I’d run through so many. I’m glad to have so much done, 140+/162, but I’d rather have had some more sunshine. 

I should have the 20 or so remaining blocks done this coming week, and—fingers crossed—all assembled by this time next week. It’s been a little tight, but I’m on track for my planned finish date. 

Come on Doxie girls.
Let’s go sew.

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