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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Modern Freefall Quilt Finish

 Freefall Finish

The days have been gentle, and almost slow around here despite Christmas approaching. The major purge is over, and it's become more of a daily maintenance to keep things fresh. There are still small spaces that call for attention, but nothing is screaming. With this steadiness, it is easier to let go. I know they are just things--baggage holding me back from better things to come. I have control of them. Not the other way around anymore. I choose a few spaces each day to stay committed, but I'm back to quilting with new vigor. It's hard to explain how settled I feel, but let's just say it's a cross between relief and curious amazement. It's new found balance I didn't expect.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Freefall Fix Up

Freefall à la Art Gallery

My plate has been rather full lately. I have been working with blinders on to finish pieces intended for exhibits or show deadlines. I also knew I had one quick trip planned for last weekend, and by Thursday morning was was right on schedule. My good friend, Sandra from mmm! quilts, texted early that day to remind me to link up to the finish linky for Freefall. The button is on my sidebar if you want the pattern. I had pattern tested for her ahead of time so my blocks were all done by the time the actual QAL had started. Obviously, she assumed I had finished the whole assembly, but...

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Freefall Quilt Along Progress

Progression of the Fall

I feel like I might have some demerits for being neglectful in my posts this past week, but it's spring, and we are busy, busy, busy! I kept telling myself I would jump in here 'tomorrow', but everyday has been packed full. You won't even be surprised to hear I lost my camera along the way, and the best I could muster were pictures from my phone. I'm sure that's happened to you, too.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Freefall Spring Quilt Along

Freefall Spring Quilt Along 2017

My dear friend, Sandra, at mmm! Quilts is in the midst of her Spring Quilt Along, and I'm finally getting to show you my progress. Details can be found HERE, and the second linky HERE. The pattern is being issued biweekly for free so be sure to download it as it comes out.

About that black leaf: First of all you're thinking, "That doesn't look very spring-y." And I would fully agree with you. But I would also say I thought this project through ahead of time--for once, and knew I would be more inclined to use this as a late summer/early fall wall hanging than spring. The first fabric I had to choose with that in mind was the background. Moda Grunge in a rusty orange was an obvious first pick. Then I raided all my Art Gallery Fabrics, and without regard to color or print, I combined them. It was like making Kitchen Sink Soup. They were all going in. The one factor that they would have in common was they had nothing in common. But these are really beautiful fabrics and gorgeous prints! I had faith. It would work.