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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Judy Neimeyer Prismatic Star Finish

Prismatic Star

Judy Neimeyer quilts are iconic within the quilt world as complicated rights of passage into the upper tiers of experienced piecers. But like every new pattern we attempt, our first shot might not go as well as we wish. Learning is not always linear. That doesn't mean the quilt top is terrible, but that we would have a leg up the next time.  So what happens when we finish, and there is a little puffiness here and there, or a slightly wonky, wavy border, or the many other construction swamps we get bogged down in? It happens to me. It happens to you. But what can you do about it when it comes to quilting?

First, be honest with your long arm quilter, and have faith that, yes, some of it can be concealed with quilting.

Friday, November 4, 2016

#BraveQuilter Winner for October & New Direction

Congratulations, Sandra 
at Studio Sew of Course!

Sandra at Studio Sew of Course is the October winner for the #BraveQuilter link up. She set a goal of printing on fabric at the beginning of the month, and fulfilled her intent. She posted on Instagram HERE, and also at her blog. You can read the details, and find more information on both her posts. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October #BraveQuilter Wrap Up Linky Is OPEN!

Someone will have a merry Christmas quilt!

The season is shifting quickly here in Ohio, and it is easy to think we will soon be in winter. The quilt above is one of two destined to be under a Christmas tree. That is a telling sign. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

#BraveQuilter Winner for September & October Link Up OPEN

Welcome back to the #BraveQuilter link party!

Although anyone is welcome to link up, four quilters completed the challenge for September, linking up at both the beginning and end of the month. 

Using a random number generator, Angie at A Quilting Reader's Garden was chosen. She will receive a custom dyed bundle of fabric made here in my studio, and the "Be Brave" cup up above. Congratulations, Angie, and cheers to everyone who joined the challenge!

And now it's time to open 
the October link party!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

September #BraveQuilter Wrap Up Linky is OPEN!

 Happy October! 

We can finally feel a little chill in the air, and morning comes later. Around here farmers are quick to harvest corn and beans during dry spells since fall rains have moved in. One nasty storm days ago knocked out our internet/cable so I have had to improvise this week wherever I could find a connection. We are in line to be restored when they get to us, but no promises. (And now you know the rest of the story. A part of me is actually enjoying the time of being unconnected for a few days, but my apologies for the #BraveQuilter party.)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Vintage Slow Stitching

The Luxury of a Slow Stitching Project

An upcoming long weekend away had me nervous for lack of a project to take along. I improvisationally pieced some simple log cabin blocks the night before. Though the project was started at the 11th hour, the idea had been brewing the whole week long. Something simple. Something graphic. Something old.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

#BraveQuilter for September Is OPEN!

Slow Stitch Project

This week has been a push every day. I've been sticking to a list of things that need to be done, and it's been working. Staying on track can be hard when there are so many distractions, especially when you're surrounded by tempting fabrics. But we have a weekend break coming, and I had nothing portable to take and stitch. I kept thinking of these beautiful blue cottons I'd recently dyed, and my growing stash of feed sacks. Throw in some vintage buttons, and it just seemed to feel good together.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

#BraveQuilter Winner for June

Low Immersion Dyed FQ's

These 2 fat quarters are packed and ready for the June winner of #BraveQuilter. The Random Number Generator said #2, so...

Monday, July 4, 2016

My Bee Hive Block Collection from May

Chainlink: A block from the Bee Hive
at Blossom Heart Quilts

May was my month to be the queen bee for my bee hive. I have written before about my brand new experience of joining a bee where blocks are exchanged each month. Twelve participants each have a month, take their turn at determining which block they would like made for them, the colors, and some other determining factors.

Friday, July 1, 2016

#BraveQuilter Wrap Up Linky for June OPEN

Scenes from the Commute:
Cue the Turkey Buzzards

I enjoy these link up parties for #BraveQuilter more than anything. So many of you have attempted things you might not have tried without them, and that includes me. For the past two weeks, I have been here at Pink Doxies only to do a quick check-in or submit a post written ahead of time. I guess you would say I have had a sabbatical of sorts.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Deconstructed Screen Printing: Fabric Art

Deconstructed Screen Printing:
Fabric Art

Making a homemade screen out of my sheer fabric worked so well, I decided to buy some larger frames with stretched and primed canvas. You can often find them reasonably priced in art and hobby stores in two packs. Even Walmart has some smaller sizes. I took a razor knife, and cut the canvas off at the stapled area on the back. I carefully set it aside to use for something else. 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

#BraveQuilter Winner for May & June Linky OPEN

Congratulations, Kate!
 @ Smiles From Kate 
You're the #BraveQuilter Winner for May!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#BraveQuilter Wrap Up for May and June Plans


It's Time to Link Up!

It's exciting for me to hear some of you writing about your new adventures as Brave Quilters. You're going out of your comfort zones to do things that are a little bit difficult--even scary, and it's making you better quilters and sewists.  You're setting your own goals, and deciding when you've completed them. Goal setting, and the follow through are excellent habits that spill over into the rest of our lives. Practicing with fabric is an easy way to make it a habit. I heartily congratulate each one of you even if you didn't participate here. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

2016 Mini Round Robin


Friends, my bucket list has gotten a real workout this year. Yet another adventure begins today as I join a few friends in both the U.S. and Canada for a Round Robin. This idea started as a block swap, turned into a Mini Round Robin, and then I had to ask, "What's THAT?"

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An Update On the Naked Ladies

Spring is harder on my quilting hours than the holidays. As fast as it rains, the grass grows, and so do the weeds. I have to sneak time to work on my projects, and there have been days at a time I didn't get anything done at all. Add to it a little planned getaway last week, and I felt pushed and stressed.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

#BraveQuilter Winner for April & May Linky OPEN

Welcome back to the #BraveQuilter link party!

Although anyone is welcome to link up, four bloggers completed the challenge for April, linking up at both the beginning and end of the month. I had my husband draw lots, and he came up with #3. That means Jennifer at 
The Inquiring Quilter is the #BraveQuilter winner for April! She will receive a custom dyed bundle of fabric from me in the next few weeks. Congratulations, Jennifer! Cheers to everyone who joined the challenge.

And now it's time to open the May linky!

Monday, May 2, 2016

#BraveQuilter Wrap Up Linky for April

Do not panic! It's here.
I didn't forget, but life got in the way this weekend.
Now back to the agenda.

This ending link up will be open May 2-4, 
and the #BraveQuilter for April runs
April 5-11.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Three Naked Ladies Blooming In the Moonlight

Three Naked Ladies

In my early years as a gardener, I was a plant hound. If I knew a house was to be torn down, I would ask to go in first, and dig out all the useful plants I could haul. Sometime in my scavenging I brought home some tag-a-longs. Several belladonna lily bulbs were planted along with daffodils, and it wasn't until nearly a year later when most of summer blooms were over that they magically popped up at the edge of the woods. Beautiful, pale pink flowers on leafless stems, hence the name, Naked Ladies!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Taste the Colors!

Spontaneous Kisses

For lack of a better name, let me use that today. Hopefully you'll see where it's going as the piece progresses. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

#BraveQuilter Winner for March & April Linky OPEN

The Winner for March is...