Monday, May 2, 2016

#BraveQuilter Wrap Up Linky for April

Do not panic! It's here.
I didn't forget, but life got in the way this weekend.
Now back to the agenda.

This ending link up will be open May 2-4, 
and the #BraveQuilter for April runs
April 5-11.

Read all the details HERE, and make a plan to join. You have the chance to win a wonderful bundle of my hand dyed fabrics, and be featured on Pink Doxies.

Have you been a #BraveQuilter this month?
If so, it's time to link up.

Six people linked up at the beginning of the month, and are eligible for the April prize. If you missed the link up, and have still been a #BraveQuilter, feel free to link up. I welcome you, and applaud you, too, for working outside your comfort zone.

Remember to plan your work, and work your plan for May.
Let's grow together.


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