Sunday, October 15, 2023

Pumpkin Season

Pumpkin Season

This pattern was purchased some time in the past, and I've wanted to make it, but could never find the time. (I have a lot of patterns in that category!) It's called Pumpkin Season by The Pattern Basket. My mom lives in a small apartment now, and I wanted something quilty to hang on her door for the season. That was a good reason to carve out the time this weekend, and it's entirely ready to hang in just a couple days or so.

I do want to make one comment in defense of the wavy edge look in the photo. The tiny gingham check is causing that visual wave more than anything, though it's curved up over my counter to hold it for the photo. It lays flat when it's on the table, but I may still give it a steam from the backside to make sure it lays very flat before hanging it. Lesson noted and learned using a check fabric for binding. 

I found the low volume background fabric in a local shop lately not knowing what I'd do with it. It worked out perfect here. The rest of the fabrics were from my stash and scrap tubs which I keep organized by color. The border is Moda's Boo Crew.

I used a scrap of denser batting ideal for a wall hanging, and a Halloween themed stitch design. Grey Omni thread by Superior Threads is my go-to thread.

And introducing the Boo Crew themselves, Ivy and Rosie, who are into everything! They're 11 weeks old Japanese Chins, and loads of fun and laughs.

Their older half-brother, Barron, does a lot of the work watching them. Occasionally he will come get me if they're doing something bad I've missed--yes, really, he will, and they even wear him out. I've yet to get fully back to quilting fall quilts because of the extra puppy work, but I think this week will be a good starting point. I'm just enjoying this time so much, and don't want to miss it. They grow up so fast.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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Linda Swanekamp said...

Well, I can only handle one cat. Thank goodness she is sweet and a studio cat. I love the pumpkin piece. I always have a fight with liking something and it being cutesy. I need a new runner on my Berlin elm hutch as the one I made previously for another one is too short and narrow. Maybe I can do some pumpkins and leaves with some black stars. Thanks for the inspiration.