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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Custom iPad Sleeve & Pet Project Show #20

I have had the fabric for this iPad sleeve
since January. My mother-in-law requested
something simple yet fairly well padded
to carry while travelling. The project
sat on the back burner while other things
took its place. I had it on my list of 
and I've checked it off.

This is for a bird lover, and the fabrics
seemed suited. I especially love the Acacia
print from Tula Pink used as the 
background fabric. A fantasy print, she's
mixed hummingbirds with what looks
like anemones.

Please Note
The closure is with 3M One. I strongly
warn against using any kind of magnetic
closure with electronics! They don't mix.

I did just a tad of FMQ on this with some
pebbling, and spiraling flames.

It doesn't show much at all on the outside,
but was a chance for me to practice. The
batting is my very dense 'Kevlar' batting,
and though I wouldn't guarentee it, I
think it will hold up fairly well to a drop.

I did a bit of outline FMQ on the front of the
economy block, or square within a square,
and some pebbling in the corners.
Less quilting means more loft.

So, 'Ta Dah!', and another finish down.

Don't forget to visit 
Blogger's Quilt Festival-Spring 2015
Eye candy for quilt lovers everywhere!
I'm entered in the large quilt category.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

'Peas in a Pod' Batik Pillow Finish-April FMQ Challenge

This FMQ pattern, 'Peas in a Pod', is from 
Christina Cameli, and I started it weeks ago here
It's very organic, and I played around with it quite
a bit rounding out, squaring off, etc. Christina 
shows it much smoother, and refined, but I had 
more than a little trouble with the batting I used. 
It was terribly dense to start with, and then I 
added intensive quilting with heavy thread. 

*This piece would be ideal as Kevlar-type padding 
 worn under chain mail or jousting armor. No joke.
I now understand why early soldiers used such 
padded underclothing to protect themselves. 

Darlene at Quilt Shop Gal is hosting the 

2015 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge as she's 
done for several years. The April Challenge
features Christina Cameli. Check out her
blog, A Few Scraps, for some sweet inspiration!
I highly recommend her books, one of which
I already own, and the other I'd like to order.

First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting

I used some fabrics on the inside that are older,
and wouldn't get used in my modern things. No
one will see it, so I use that or muslin. My backing
is the same 3 fabrics, and quilting with a 
walking foot in a straight stitch.

I decided not to use a zipper on this pillow,
but to sew it shut. It's for me, and I can spot
clean it if I must. I stabilized the sides of the 
back by stitching a 1/4" around all sides. Then 
added my binding, but only sewed it to the 
backing section of the opening.

I left a long tail to sew the binding together 
at a 45 degree angle. Christa Quilts has a great 
tutorial if you're ever stuck.

Notice that I was also sewing the front and back 
together at the same time as I added my binding, 
but you could do it first if it's easier. Then I brought 
the binding to the front, and sewed it by machine
on 3 sides. Leave an opening to insert your pillow!

Pillow went in, and this time I used one on the 
smaller side. I didn't want the whole thing
to feel like a rock. I pinned the section near 
the last opening so it flattened it out, and 
kept the pillow back. That makes sewing on the 
binding SO much easier in the case you have a 
pillow pushing on your last opening.

Miter the corners with a fold, and you're done.

And, since none of you seemed to mind--

Now to frost the Espresso cupcakes I'm 
taking to sewing and quilting tonight.

Come on, Doxie Girls.
We've got lots to get ready
before I can go sew.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Floriography Finish

I am most definitely grateful for Friday!
I pushed all week to get this top done.

This is my last of three baby quilts 
had lined up, and now it's
ready to quilt.