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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Custom Quilting Goose Tales

Original Quilt Design by Stephanie Metz
Goose Tales Fabric Line by 
J. Wecker Frisch
Produced by Riley Blake

I will admit to being a little biased about quilt panels. They're not the first thing I run to when I visit a quilt shop, and I'm not sure I've ever bought one myself. But when this quilt turned up a few weeks ago, I was gobsmacked. I understand that Halloween themed fabric isn't everyone's love, and this runs on the cusp of Halloween and horror, but it's technically a fairy tale-themed fabric with utterly fantastic graphics. Awful and lovely faces that make you look at them.

Friday, July 17, 2015

2015 MQG Finish for Riley Blake Designs & Pet Project Show #29

"The Aviary"

Ta-da! There was a sigh of relief on Sunday when I unpinned this from my longarm. It was a fabric challenge, and in some ways a personal challenge for not only me, but many of you, too. While I don't believe we should unveil our work to immediately critique it, it's good to evaluate both the positive and negative aspects. That's how we learn. Even if we don't do it publicly, we take mental notes on what we might change the next time.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2015 MQG Fabric Challenge Progress "Birds in the Garden"

May I venture to say we've all had the experience of planning a project, and then been disappointed by what we made? On the same hand, I've had this one go from an apprehensive start to very exciting for me. Let's call it a roller coaster project. My anxiety is mostly from drawing you into it with me, and the possibility that it flops. This blog runs in 'real time' meaning I don't only show you my triumphs, but also showcase my duds. Honest creative process means not everything works out. It's comforting knowing we all go through it, and grow in our struggle. Sewists don't deliver gorgeous projects without making some dogs! (Sorry Doxies.)

You can find more information about the start of this project in yesterday's post. I showed you the top and bottom pictures here. A close up of the center shows how my curves weren't as even at the points as I would have liked, but the geometric fabric tends to throw the eye off anyway. Unless I'd point that out, not everyone would see it. I'll tell you so you can use that trick, but remember to never point out your own mistakes to people when you show them your work! Most will never see what you see.

I paired the curved piecing light fabric to light fabric. Low contrast means I have some leeway if my seams are the slightest bit off. I expect they will be as I've never sewn a project with curves before. It's hard to perfect a technique the first time out, but this challenge is more about highlighting the fabrics than technique for me.

The next row of the medallion is HSTs. I made sure to make them slightly larger than needed, and trimmed them down. There's high contrast on this fabric change, and it frames in the all light center.

I used a variety of the challenge fabrics at the corners that I was finding hard to fit into another part of the quilt. I echoed the colors here.

The Square-in-a-Square blocks below are a favorite of mine, and when I laid the charcoal with the coral, I had to make them.

The corners were next, and again, I was using new fabrics from the rest of The Quilted Fish line "The Cottage Garden". The charcoal print reminded me of a gilded frame when viewed at a distance.

It was time to add the connecting pieces on the border, and I auditioned several. The white was calming to all the prints, and gave the eye somewhere to land. It also reminded me of clouds. I imagined the hardscaping of a garden in the darker fabrics, and birds surrounding a fountain in the center of a garden. 

I did some collaborative texting with family and friends about the white 'floating' too much, and decided it needed a dark border to lock it all in. Charcoal birds, I think. Don't you?

Click my Instagram button at the top sidebar to follow along through the day as I sew. It's a great help having other quilters to bounce ideas off of in real time. I'd love to see what you're making, too! Just @pinkdoxies to make sure I see your post, and we can sew together. A Virtual Bee Day anyone? I'll Bee there this afternoon.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Stash

I unabashedly added to my stash.
The Cottage Garden by the Quilted Fish
for Riley Blake Design

This is the fabric line that Riley Blake is using for it's Modern Quilt Guild 2015 Fabric Challenge. I one was one of the lucky members to get a free fat quarter bundle of 6 prints, but the project I have in mind is going to require more fabric. I also have a few of these prints already, and love them. (Okay, I love the pink, and the others are nice, too. Did I say the colorway that came is all grey and teal?) The full line surpassed my expectations, and I can't believe I was waffling.

I'm giving a call out to this Etsy shop for amazingly quick service and attention. I ordered this on June 4th, and it was here on the 6th. Woohoo! Simply Love Fabrics Rocks!

It was so fun when I opened it! Bonus goodies--a Riley Blake package of buttons, and wintergreen mints that made the whole package smell wonderful! (I already ate one.)

Check out this mother/daughter duo!

So what am I doing with the lovely fabric, you ask? A challenge for me. This book has been in my hands for weeks, and I've designed my own medallion for the Riley Blake contest. I'm waiting on a few other fabrics to get started, but I'm excited now that the fat quarter bundle arrived so quickly. I'll try to keep it all under wraps for a few weeks, but you know how excited I get to share with you! Soon! I promise.

The Modern Medallion Workbook

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The Pet Project Show #23 is still open for you to link up. Everyone loves to see what you're doing with your creative time.

Until next time...
Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Happy Baby Snapshots Finished

 Yes, it is March, 
and, Yes, we still have snow in Ohio.

Keep the faith! Spring is on it's way,
and this quilt is all ready for a new baby!