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Friday, September 11, 2015

E's Hexie Finish, CST, and Pet Project Show #37

If I said I was writing this quickly so I could go to bed, would you understand? It was a hard day in the studio, and I have so much to share over the next few days with you. But this is the big one. E's Hexie is completely finished. The binding is a Timeless Treasures print in a peachy-orange, and I couldn't be happier with it. It's girly yet modern, and sets off the quilt with a soft framing.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Kaffe Fassett Finish and Creative Space Tag


"Anything I've ever done
that ultimately was worthwhile...
initiallly scared me to death."
--Betty Bender

I have to come clean with you. Longarming is hysterically fun, sometimes makes me cry happy tears, but still scares the life out of me everytime I start.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Bertie's Quilt & Creative Space Tag

This little quilt is 47"x47", and has hung on my 
design wall for a few weeks. A friend of mine
pieced it last winter at a class while on vacation
somewhere sunny. She asked me to quilt it 
for her, and gave me free rein as to how.

The colors may be a little truer here.
The sashing and borders are the palest
pink, and it's really a pretty quilt top.

It was a bit of a dilemma for me to decide the 
quilting, as this is a quilt she is looking forward 
to leaving for a great-grandchild someday. 
I wanted it to be nicely done for her.

I decided it needed a little motif inside the 
blocks, and came up with this feathered 
wreath. A heart in the middle seemed to 
fit the style of the baby quilt, too.

I spray basted this one. I am finding that there 
are different situations where the spray basting 
works better for me than pinning. If I have any 
doubt about straightness of top or backing, I 
can see where to anticipate a wrinkle before 
I actually start to quilt.

Wreaths and hearts all out of the way,
I started the sashing. Simple leaves and 
vines with curling. I did use a water 
soluble marker to sketch an idea out,
and followed it loosley.  The mottling
you see in the pink is because I've
misted the top to get rid of the marking.

I do like her choice of backing. Very sweet
and appropriate. The quilting shows nicely.
I used a basic cream Aurifil in 50#.

Afterward my husband and I nabbed the Kubota
and went back on the hills for some peace and
quiet. There's nothing like being deep in the 
woods. We popped out on our way to a meadow,
and the hill was covered in blackberry blooms.
It's going to be a good year for the pie maker.

This little beauty caught my eye. I snapped
a picture so I could look it up later.
Any ideas?

Creative Space Tag is at Sew Preeti Quilts.
Preeti's post on "How Many Shades of Gray?" 
is up, and even her writing is full of energy!
I'm so happy to have her adding to our
bloggers sharing their creative spaces, and
she's already tagged Jasmine of Quilt Kisses.

For those of you who are curious, Maryse
at Maryse Makes Things came up with the 
idea after I posted about my new space,
and told me to run with the idea. We both
thought it would be fun to see where 
quilters create, and inspire each other 
with ideas about space usage. I've seen so
many great ideas, and made mental notes
for changes I should make. If you would 
like to share your space, let me know in
an email, and I'll add your name.

Until we meet again...
Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I've Moved Out & Creative Space Tag

Before I explain my exodus from the 
house, let me show you my QST progress.
This was taken in my new space with only a flash.
No other photo enhancements were made, 
but I finally have natural daylight. 
I feel like I can see the full spectrum.
 What a difference that makes!

This quilt is going to be large. The new design wall 
is 7' 7" x 8'--the dimension of 2 pieces of foam
core insulation. Each was covered with quilt
batting I found on a roll for $1.79 a yard. I 
attached it with hot glue, and then actually
hot glued it to the wall. It will all peel off 
if I need or want to move it. I think I
could use one more beside it, too.
Let's Dream Big!

I have one large window with light 
in front of my machines.

And another here! 
Both are north facing, and so I have no blinding 
glare, just great afternoon light for photos.

I have a great mess, but my husband promised
to help me move my storage cubes soon. The
room was used as a gaming room when all the
kids were young. I was the mom that wouldn't
allow video games in the house. Period. This
was a way to control it. It later became a 
guest room, and now my learning center/studio.

There are always a few drawbacks. 
No Wifi, and there are stairs. 
Imagine all the trips I made to move,
but I think it was worth it.

Why did I move? 

I moved for natural light, most of all. Also, to 
separate my home life from my work life. It's 
becoming more real when I have to close the 
door to the house, and walk 'to work'. There is 
complete quiet, or I can crank up Rock music
without bothering anyone. I won't apologize for 
being in the way. My house will stay much cleaner 
without me dragging things up and down the stairs 
to photograph. Fewer chances of pins winding up 
in my husband's socks. And thankfully, it feels right.

The Doxie Girls and I are totally convinced.
It's time to Dream in Color.

I've shown you my new space roughly
done, but promise to update you
as it comes together. In the mean
time, I'm tagging my friend, Maryse,
 to show us her space. We both thought
it would be fun to see the places
regular people like us create. Would 
you like to be included in our game of 
Creative Space Tag? 

Leave me a reply below, or drop me 
an email, and be sure to include your own.
Stay tuned to future posts, and I'll link
you over to Maryse Makes Things 
when she's ready.

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's go sew.