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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Fall Table Topper Flimsy

Fall Table Topper Flimsy Finish

It feels like a Friday, and definitely like fall. My sewing goal is complete, though, admittedly, it's a carry-over from weeks before. I have another underway already. A simple Christmas door hanging for my mom will brighten the hallway. I'll show you soon. 

The weeks of dreading the garden tear out are over since we had our first freeze projected for Sunday night last. I spent the day making hard decisions on what went where. This is my first winter with a greenhouse, and figuring out what will work. The last fall vegetables are in the house, mainly tomatoes and peppers, and the winter hardy things are going strong. Lettuces, kale, and many herbs will be good for another month or so, and some will be brought into the greenhouse yet to winter over there. It's no wonder I feel relief.