Monday, November 20, 2023

Glitter Blocks Machine Sewn

Glitter Blocks Machine Sewn

For months I've looked for a good project that would hold my interest, and I think I've found one. It's Glitter by Jen Kingwell, with the pattern found in Quilt Lovely. Years ago I loaned out my copy, and it disappeared unfortunately. I had already made several projects from the book and convinced myself I didn't need it, but this quilt was still nagging me to make it. I had the templates purchased, and though it's a straightforward pattern, I repurchased the book. I really enjoy looking at Kingwell's fabric pairings in the photos, and it feeds me ideas.

The oddly shaped pieces are best cut out with a plastic template, but the square and triangular units are easily done with a ruler. I wouldn't be afraid to use a homemade template for this project, but already had the acrylic templates on hand.

The author is a fan of hand sewing, but I prefer my Pfaff machine. Machine sewn seams are stronger most of the time, and therefore the quilt will last longer. Sew pieces into diagonals.

Sew diagonals together.

Outer corners are Y-seams, but easy angles. Use the dot method. Mark the dot on the back of the fabric. Sew from the dot to the edge. Stop and snip the thread. Turn your block and sew from the dot to the other edge.

In full disclosure, I don't always follow the rules of dot to edge. Slip in a pin or two, and it's good enough to go from edge to dot too. Always start with the short edge, then the long edge second. When I'm matching the long edges, it hasn't hurt to give the bias edges a little wiggle to get them to match. This seam insures the Glimmer block has a point that sits inside the block, and will not be lost in a seam.

Trim the block to size, and add to the pile. It's a quick, and lovely block to make.

Seven out of the 150+ make, but I think this will be a fun holiday project to fill in those spare moments that turn up. Digging through my small scraps has been most fun so far, and making a dent of any size will make me most happy. Happy quilting!

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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Linda Swanekamp said...

Wow, you really know how to make complicated things. My eyes glazed over just looking at the pattern. You chose such interesting fabric. Have fun!