Saturday, June 12, 2021

I'm Teaching at Quilter's Gathering at Berlin 2021

Early in 2019, I was asked to teach at Quilter's Gathering at Berlin 2019. Then Covid took center stage in the world, and all our lives were put on hold. 2021 slowly opened up, infections continued to go down, and plans were made again. The site went live the end of May with my class for Spin Drift. Yes, it was very exciting to see happen after the long wait! It's time to live again.

Spin Drift I

Here's the original Spin Drift started in 2018. Follow the link to see lots of delightful pictures and posts. 

Obviously so much time had passed since creating the first quilt that I felt I wanted to make it again. That's a good sign to me. It means this is a pattern with a lot of depth and breadth. You can make it as it is written, or tweak it in a lot of directions. 

I decided on a fresh feel to the theme, the fabrics, and the design. Tokyo Milk, Tula Pink, Kaffe Fassett, and many other brilliant designer lines are here this time, and there is a seaside feel to the quilt this go-around.

You may not find succulents at the seaside, but I favored this fabric as it reminded me of the neon, plastic plants so often used in aquariums. It's your quilt. You have artistic permission so do what you want. If you like it, do it!

I had this project in mind as a vibrant wall hanging instead of a bed quilt so I altered the size to 4 main blocks. This size would make a good throw too. Instead of fussy cutting 36 squares on point for the sashing, I cut into a gorgeous piece of Tokyo Milk with no turning back. I wasn't sure I'd even have enough, but came out with just a few to spare. Fantastic! I love the look of the repeating gold fish swimming in the background. I even raised these fancy types for many years when I was younger.

The layout is up, and sashing strips are underway. That's the plan for the weekend, and then start the little Dresden plates as seen below from the original quilt. There are 3 units to this quilt, but those little Dresdens are my absolute favorite! They add such a sparkle to the rest of the design, and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do them yet. I love the surprise of trying different things as I go, and I don't get anxious that I have all my fabrics from the beginning. I like quilts that evolve.

Come Sew with Me!

There are 2 different days to choose from with a 5 hour class/work session each day. We will work through one each of the 3 different blocks in this quilt, and you'll be on your way to successfully continue your project at home. This is great class for a quilter with some experience already, and you will leave with new skills to apply to ALL your quilting projects. Join us in Berlin, Ohio, August 2021!

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.



Rebecca Grace said...

How exciting! I love the way your Dresden plates frame the focus fabrics in this quilt.

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Good luck and have fun. I wish it were virtual...there's an embroidery class I'd love to take. Enjoy.

Dot M. said...

Those are such Beautiful, Interesting Blocks…..Wish I lived closer, as I would love to take your class…..Dot M.In Pa.