Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Chain Piecing & Webbing Class Available

Trips Around the World

By the end of last week I had several quilts finished, and more pulled out to resume. There has been a good deal of pushing this year to finish up the old, but I've also dropped a few new projects into the line up when I could. I had The Sewing Group coming to the studio Monday for a class on my unique method of chain piecing to webbing to accurate block construction, and we were using the Trips Around the World quilt to learn the process. Many of these quilters had never made a TAtW so we had a lot of ground to cover in a short time. 

The First Layout

I spent Saturday morning cutting into my Amy Butler stash. A few weeks ago I made a vow to "Use the Good Stuff". Having no sacred or off-limits fabric any more is quite liberating! I used a fairly controlled palette of her more saturated colors mixed with several colors of Moda Grunge. When these 4 middle blocks went up, I took a long look. It needed some breathing room. It was far too intense. Where were my lighter Butler fabrics?

Out came more from several different lines. Though they seemed quite different as yardage, they blend nicely when cut into 2.5" squares. The palette didn't differ very much through the lines.

I really like to lay the chains before fleshing out the background to this quilt. After the chain is laid, I can focus on using some of the fussy cut motifs that happen naturally when cutting strips. With my method of labeling and sewing, those fussy cut pieces keep their exact orientation from wall layout to quilt! 

Sunday evening brought with it a clean studio, and a beautiful quilt sample well underway. 

I had just finished the binding on another last week, and hung it beside the one in progress. A quick baby quilt using the same method was already in progress on the far wall, too. This method can be applied to many patterns.

Monday Morning

I walked through the garden early Monday morning with the Doxie girls before everyone arrived. The Japanese tree peony had just opened 3 blooms. I'd rescued it from the clearance rack over 25 years ago, and it never fails to make me smile each spring.

Early Monday morning, we hit the ground running. We learned how to layout around the darkest value, and build contrast within the block. Then I demonstrated my method for labeling to keep everything running smoothly. Sewing, pressing, and when not to press, too, and we even squeezed in some little lessons on simplifying your binding for smooth, flat bindings that finish a quilt in a few hours instead of evenings. It was a packed morning!

Lunch was potluck (yum!), and a Show & Tell to follow. This Roman stripes quilt came from scraps from a scrap quilt, and was hand quilted in traditional motifs. Isn't it gorgeous?

We laughed through the day, and moaned at some of the mistakes as the time flew by. The coffee pot filled and emptied, and by mid afternoon we decided to end while everyone still had energy to drive home. I love these gals!

I left for home when they did, and spent some quality time with the Doxies and the PBS show "Little Women." Then back I went to a much quieter studio to finish the second section. There is something very addicting about this method for me. It's almost a meditative sewing ritual at this point. Everything fits together so nicely, and moves so smoothly. Ahhh...

Is Your Guild or Group Looking for a Teacher 
for All Experience Levels?

Would you like to learn my unique method? I have many years of teaching experience, and would love to come teach your group. Please contact me to discuss available dates. julie@pinkdoxies.com

Come on, Doxie girls.


Jayne said...

It sounds like an amazing afternoon! It's always a fun time spending the day with quilting friends! I have yet to make a TATW quilt, maybe one day! Yours is looking fantastic!!

Judy Hansen said...

The TATW quilt is a great one to teach webbing and chaining. I put almost all quilts together that way, and the quilt goes together without anything getting turned around. Thanks for linking with Design Wall Monday, Judy.

Christine Slaughter said...

I'm sitting here reading and feeling super excited about your class and wishing I was so much closer so I could have attended! I will be living vicariously through your posts instead! :)

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Love your TATW Julie! The colour combo is great, and a sprinkling of lighter Amy B. fabrics did the trick! I'm curious, do you cut each square out individually rather than sew strips together?

Janice Holton said...

I wish we lived closer I would have you be the very first class our new quilt group participated in! This quilt is gorgeous. I love it. I am assuming this is a different method than the one that Bonnie Hunter uses?

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

I have never made this pattern, but have always wanted to. It would have been fun to sew along with you and learn.

audrey said...

I'd take the class if I lived close enough! lol Love how you make the different values do so much work!

Stitchin At Home said...

Would love to sew along with you!

Susan said...

This is on the bucket list, though I may used marked interfacing for easier assembly.