Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fabric Challenges: Charity Quilts Day 19

"There's No Such Thing As Ugly Fabric"

Has anyone ever told you this? And did you believe them? Well, I beg to differ. I'm usually attracted to the one-offs, and not what everyone else likes, and I'm okay with that. We all have personal tastes toward color and pattern, and all it takes is looking at your own stash if you don't believe it.  For me, I am attracted to both stripes and flowers. Put them together in a 1960's-1970's print, and I am over the moon! Isn't it just gorgeous?!

I came home the other day with a very small stack of these 5" squares, and a personal challenge of finding a way to use them. I really did think they were a neat vintage prints, but just to put them next to some other solids in a 9 patch wouldn't do them justice. I wanted to make them the stars of this charity quilt!

The pineapple block came to mind because I could use them as the focal point, but I didn't want to cut them up. I kept them 5", and just modified the block. I used 1.75" strips to take each block out to 16.5" unfinished. All the fabrics were vintage that I pulled from my charity bundles.

It's fun to try different layouts when you have matching blocks to see what might work to show them off the best. I think laying these out on point is wonderful.

The longer I played with the design, the closer I came to seeing the blocks needed that side to side contact with the next one to show the pineapple. You can always look at pictures of other quilts, but nothing beats moving them around for yourself. I'm one short for that design, but it won't take forever to whip another one up tomorrow. A day of slower work was appreciated here as the month has been so busy, and I'll pick this back up in the morning. 

I hope your week has been a good, and you've found a little time to work on some charity blocks. It's good for the sew-l. 

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.


Stitchin At Home said...

Oh Julie I like how you decided to frame those squares and the pineapple block was perfect choice for them.

Linda Swanekamp said...

I am cleaning a vintage sewing machine (was tremendously yucky) for someone and underneath the crud, it is the color of the darker solid in your block. If you were sewing on it, your block might look partly invisible!

Angie in SoCal said...

Oh, I like those! Will be a great quilt. I'm working on another myself - I'm using strips.

O'Quilts said...

Very nice

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Great job. A great way to showcase the print.

Kate said...

The pineapple setting really does show case those squares. It's going to a very fun quilt.