Tuesday, October 4, 2016

#BraveQuilter Winner for September & October Link Up OPEN

Welcome back to the #BraveQuilter link party!

Although anyone is welcome to link up, four quilters completed the challenge for September, linking up at both the beginning and end of the month. 

Using a random number generator, Angie at A Quilting Reader's Garden was chosen. She will receive a custom dyed bundle of fabric made here in my studio, and the "Be Brave" cup up above. Congratulations, Angie, and cheers to everyone who joined the challenge!

And now it's time to open 
the October link party!

Are you ready to join in the #BraveQuilter link up?

I encourage you to be a #BraveQuilter, and set just one goal to work on something that is challenging to you.

Do you want to...

Figure out zippers? Learn to piece a Y-seam? Enter your work in a show? Applique something--anything? Dye fabrics?Work with repurposed fabrics? Make a block with curved piecing? Paint with acrylics on fabric? Take a class on something totally new to you? Make buttonholes? Host a sewing day? Etc.

Set a goal to try ONE thing.

Pick just one new thing you vow to try this month, and link it up here. Write a blog post or add it to a blog post this week, or simply post it on Instagram. It doesn't have to be a big thing. 

Write a Blog Post

For example, assuming you have never tried or 
mastered curved piecing, and would like to. 

1. Add something like this below to a blog post. 

"I would like to try curved piecing. I'm participating in the Pink Doxies new link up, #BraveQuilter. As part of the link party for March, my goal is to try making one 12" block with curved piecing." 

2. Add a link somewhere in your post back to Pink Doxies. You may add the #BraveQuilter button, if you'd like.

3. Link up that post here.

Or an Instagram Post

Instagram could be a simple picture of your materials or an example of what you'd like to achieve, and say the same thing as above. Use the hashtag #BraveQuilter, and tag me @PINKDOXIES. 

Then DO it! Try it. If you wind up making something fabulous, cheers to you! If you try it, and maybe it's just so-so, cheers to you, too, because you still worked at it. Maybe someone else will have words of advice to help you out. These do not have to be finished projects. We are taking small steps together to become better quilters, sewists, and artists. We are celebrating the learning process.

The link party will stay open for one week. October is now OPEN, and will close October 11, 2016 at midnight EST. When you've completed your own challenge, write and publish a blog post or Instagram post. The link up for finished projects will be November 1-3. I will draw one winner to receive a bundle of vibrant, hand dyed fabrics from the Pink Doxies Studio. You must link up both at the beginning and end of the month to be eligible for prizes. 

Remember: No one is asking you for a finished project of any kind. Pick something that is a personal challenge, and take it on. 

Be your own inspiration, 
and grow this year!

Life begins outside your comfort zone.

Please Read: Thank you for submitting your link. By linking up, you give permission for your project photo to be shared on this blog, and social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. Shared links will link back to your site.


Kate said...

Congrats to Angie!

Sew of Course said...

Plans are the first step, aren't they?
I linked up from IG, which didn't quite work as expected (I had to put "blog" and not IG as the image source) and the link title didn't come out as I put it in. But the link does go to the image on IG as intended.
Thanks for hosting, and for challenging us!

Sharon - IN said...

It was fun hopping around to see what new things everyone is trying. I didn't do anything new this month, just working on catching up!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Have to get back to this. I lost focus having the break over the summer.