Friday, January 8, 2016

Project Quilting Challenge: S7/Wk1 Finish: Confetti

A small sized finish, but still a finish. 

I tried several fabrics to bind this with, but none worked as well as sticking close to the colors nearest the perimeter. My strips were all 2", but when I tried turning them as a normal double thickness the binding seemed too puffy. One layer looked better, and I took up the excess on the backing.

I regret not squaring up the piece better, and it might have benefitted by blocking it. It's a lesson learned. I'll stitch a hanging sleeve and label to it today, and I have a place in mind for it. It's definitely grown on me. If you'd like to read more explaining the process:

Persimmon Dreams is hosting the challenge, and the linky party ends on Sunday, January 10, 2016 at noon CST. Check it out here.

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Empress Charlotte Handmades said...

Adorable. I love your matched binding. Congrats on getting it to match up so well.

hydeeannsews said...

small and sweet! it's lovely. =)

Gwyned Trefethen said...

I'm a big fan of matching binding. It allows the work to expand versus being contained. Excellent choice. Congratulations on your first 2016 finish.

Unknown said...

I love the finished piece. I work in art glass doing dog portraits, that are 12x12" that have between 1500 to 3000 pieces of glass (see my avatar) so this is so up my alley. To add that this to my sewing will be fun. You did a great job.

Debra said...

So sweet. It looks great. Congratulations on the finish.

Debra said...

So sweet. It looks great. Congratulations on the finish.

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

You made the perfect choice with the binding. So cool! The finished piece is sweet.

Unknown said...
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Kaja said...

Nicely done. The pink flowers are so pretty and you have really captured the feel of your inspiration photo.

Dollandesign said...

Oh, what a lovley littel quilt with flowers you have made!


Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Oh how sweet! Confetti is the perfect name for it!

Lia*s Handmades said...

super cute!

PersimonDreams said...

This is wonderful! I'm so happy to have you joining in on the Project QUILTING challenges! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Janie Bettis said...

Your flowers are very pretty. And it's an imaginative background.

Kate said...

Congrats on finishing up your confetti challenge. I like that it looks a bit rough around the edges, it's more natural that way.

Muv said...

Hello Julie,

It's gorgeous! A lovely quick and colourful project to cheer up the winter.

Blocking? What's that? I'm totally shameless and chuck my small projects face down on the ironing board, throw water all over them and then press them to oblivion. Once they are dry, then I cut the rectangle. Works a treat.

Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

Love, Muv

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

I love this , I love the combination of patchwork quilting and appliqué . And i love a bit of embroidery thrown in . I've never tried blocking though

Val's Quilting Studio said...

This looks like it was a fun one to make!! I really like the bright pink flowers agains the neutral background colors.

Angie in SoCal said...

This is so delightful!! You did a fabulous job on Mary Huey's quilt. Miss you,