Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dyeing Pink to Orange, Painting with Dyes, & Project Quilting 7 Week 1 Challenge

Left to right: #12 Light Red, #10A Chinese Red, #10 Fire Red, #9 Scarlet--2 pieces, #6 Deep Orange, and last a tri-color piece 

These are all examples from my latest batch of low-immersion dyed cottons with Procion MX Dyes. This run was an experiment using the range of red to orange on my shelf. I chose not to use #13 Fuchsia, which might have been included.

Procion MX Dyes give brillant results, and I'll admit this FQ is one of my favorites.

Looking at the array above, the transition is slight. The 3 fabrics below demonstrate it better moving from a pink to red to orange.

Low immersion dyed fabrics are strikingly beautiful, and they aren't terribly difficult to produce as long as you follow the science part of it. The art side of it is yet another story, and that is where I spend most of my time working. Mixing dyes to produce other colors, or that one color you need, is a mix of art and luck. I record everything, and it's already served me well. I have test mixes I am eager to repeat, and I few I hope never happen again.

Viewing the fabric in the mixed liquid dye is a tough way to judge the final color. 

Standing at the sink rinsing the fabric started out as a disappointment. It seemed like all the colors were alike while wet, but after they dried they showed their beauty. And yet, even the color lover in me was a little shocked at how loud they were. (What in the world was I thinking?)

Balancing the Equation

I grabbed fabric. That was better. The deep orange looked richer next to a dark brown.

The watermelon-y red seemed more tolerable when paired with Sky Blue.

As a matter of fact, Sky Blue paired fairly well with the whole array... did Better Black.

Ann Johnston in Color by Design shows a process of working with 2 colors at each end of your fabric, and gradually blending in the middle. This is an entirely different method as the dye is painted on the fabric, kept damp to cure, and finally rinsed. 

I had several cups with small amounts of dye left, and did several pieces in various colors. I worked over recycled kraft paper, and when I had the dye as I wanted it, I rolled it up in the paper. I laid them in plastic shoeboxes with lids to maintain moisture, and will unpack and rinse the cured fabric today. I can't wait!

Project Quilting Season 7 
Voting Open for 1st Challenge

Voting is now open for Project Quilting Season 7 Week 1, and I've joined the link up. If you are inclined to visit--and hopefully like this entry best, I would be pleased if you would voice your opinion, and vote for it. There are many lovely entries to check out, though, so don't let me sway your opinion.

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Lisa J. said...

What a beautiful sight for the eyes during this dull winter. All those warm and wonderful pinks and reds. The challenge turned out wonderfully. I'll check out the link.

Bonnie said...

Love your dyed fabric. I like how mottled the end results are. Maybe I should get my dyes out and play again. Of course it has been so long I'm sure they would need to be replaced. Wonderful eye candy today.

Tish Stemple said...

I love watching as you progress in your venture in dying fabric. The colors you have been able to produce are so vibrant. These fabrics are just dyed not waxed/batiked? Am I even using the correct verbiage?

Kate said...

Beautifully rich colors. Do you have any plans for all your dyed fabric, or are you just playing for the moment and will decide on what to make later?

Unknown said...

Beautifully rich colors. D

Unknown said...
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