Friday, October 9, 2015

Multiple Perspectives

"Sunrise at Sea"

This is the free block pattern I made for the Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop 2015. The pattern and tutorial are available through the link. I wanted to see how it might look in sweet print fabrics, and was surprised at how much it changed the feeling of the block.

Here is the original done in all solids. This background is done in sections giving the block more depth.

Sandra at Musings of a Menopausal Melon graciously did a pattern test for me with this beautiful batik rendition. Look at how different her block appears with her fabric and color choices. It radiates light!

The block is very versatile, and forgiving if you've never done this kind of piecing. I've made it 'first time friendly' so don't be afraid to give it a try. Your choice of fabric will make it unique, and your perspective will help you choose what makes you happiest with it. 

Personal Journey of a Quilter Blogger

Like these blackberry lilies or toad lilies, I'm keeping my head down, and doing my own thing yet. It's helping me focus.

My time spent away from the online world has been rejuvenating. I finally understand the real purpose of sabaticals. I have been out in nature, and inside hunkered down with books contemplating big ideas, but generally just rebooting. I am still sewing, but not with the same fury as before.

At last, a full spiderweb to see and show. It's not rapidly progressing, but this is more about comfort sewing. I can walk in the studio, and pick up straight away while I think about things.

 I am slowly redefining who and what Pink Doxies and I are.

I am listening to my inner voice...

...I am still very excited by color and creativity, and I have some new perspectives. And 'that' is the most exciting thing of all.


Have you been watching the exciting launch of the Craft Industry Alliance with Abby Glassenberg @ While She Naps, and Kristin Link @ Sew Mama Sew? I checked it out, and I am joining today. I fully enjoy her posts, and think this will be even more focused. Let me know what you think.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

The block looks great in all the different fabrics. You did a great job creating it.

TheEclecticAbuela said...

I love the spiderweb blocks--I'm planning to work on some (play with some) tomorrow.

LA Paylor said...

great block, congrats. The nature photos are terrific too. LeeAnna

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

I love your spiderweb blocks! Ah, 'comfort sewing'... a couple of days, a couple of years, the main thing is to enjoy!

Lisa in Port Hope said...

I like it better in prints, very sweet. And I'll go check out that link, thanks.

Kate said...

It's always fun to see how the fabrics change the look of the blocks. I'll have to add that block to my bucket list. The spiderweb blocks are so cool. Glad that the time away is sharpening your focus. It's so easy to just keep doing what you are doing.

Stitchin At Home said...

Your block looks great in different fabrics. Taking time to focus and re-energize is sometimes as necessary as breathing.

Jayne said...

It is amazing how fabrics can change a block! It's great to see the different variations! Still in love that spiderweb!!! I am so happy you are finding yourself, taking a step back and getting in touch with nature! It is so hard to step away from the computer...I applaud your determination!

Lisa J. said...

I know how you feel about taking a step back. I seem to need to step back a bit every couple of months. I'll be interested in seeing where you settle with all your new ideas. Thanks for the link.

Kaja said...

Great block, great photos, great post - what more to say? Good to know that taking a bit of time out is working for you.

Lindsey said...

Lovely block! I love all the different perspectives! We featured your link over on the FWFS blog! Thank you for stopping by and linking up!

Lindsey - FWFS

Rosa said...

Those blocks are fabulous .Love all your fabric combo!

Lara B. said...

Your block looks great in each version and it is really fun to see how different fabrics create a really different look.
Glad you have been recharging Julie. To define yourself as a quilter and a blogger is a constant process that is never really finished. The photos of your garden are so lovely!

Missy Shay said...

What a beautiful block!!

Soma @ said...

The blocks look so different and fabulous! Beautiful flower photos too. Being out in nature and being "hunkered down with books" are my two very favourite things to do. Glad you are enjoying them :)