Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Promise Kept and People Met

Yesterday was a Super Sewing Day! I packed it in from morning to night, but it was both productive and fun. 

First Meet-Up at Jo-Ann's

I think this deserves a shout out. We had a ball! Most who came didn't know each other. The company was diverse in age and interest, but everyone came to sew or stitch. No meeting. No agenda. The teenagers took off to walk in the mall together, but came back to observe what we were doing. We create a little hook or picture in their brain, and that is how it all starts for them. That was how most of us started. We watched, and then decided we could do that. About a dozen adults sewed, we laughed, we laughed some more, and kept on sewing. We showed off our work, asked each other how to do things--and someone there always knew how to help. It was actually nice that the room was fairly small. We became well acquainted with whatever our neighbor was working on. The cookie-brownies were a little burned, my own fault, but no one complained. We simply enjoyed the time we shared. 

It was unanimous to do it again. We're on for another Meet-Up in two weeks, November 18th, from 6-8:30 p.m. RSVP to if you're interested or would like more information. Think about giving this a try wherever you are. Having it at your local Jo-Ann's is smart. Many of us ran out into the store to shop for things we needed or had forgotten, so it worked to their benefit also. 

Remember my last post I promised to do a donation quilt before I moved on to piece a new one? Done. This one wasn't hard. I don't know what the pattern is called since I started several of the blocks over 20 years ago, and had to keep on with what I had.

It works like a log cabin. Start with a center square, and add your first piece, but leave a 1/4" flap free at the end where the pieces aren't even. My picture is of a nearly finish block, but my first piece added was the teal strip. Then work you way around.

Press your seams INWARD. When you come to the last piece, that 1/4" flap will allow you to finish the last seam off perfectly.

I stripped the 6 1/2" blocks 7 blocks across. Decided to add 6 1/2" strips in between each row. Used the teal strips I had stored with the original project for an inner border, and then I'd had enough for the day.

I'm down to just needing a border and the backing. I used what I had on hand, and maybe it's not my normal color or style, but it's a sweet little quilt. I need the finished dimensions at 70"x77", and a floral border will finish it today.

Today I'm picking the barn roof color, bringing in my outside plants that won't stand the cold, and I should do some leaves. I snapped a few pictures of the trees and flowers close to the house that are still blooming despite it being November. I love the little splashes of color, don't you?

Have a great day, and make some time to sew.

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Follow your mom down the stairs.
Let's go sew.


Unknown said...

Love your flowers, landscape.......looks like an ideal spot to observe nature, and still be inside 'sewing away' !!

Julie said...

My sewing room is downstairs in a windowless space. Someday I may move operations upstairs, but it's a compromise when it can be such a big mess. It's kind of nice when it's hidden if company shows up, right?