Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Get Out of Your Quilting Room and Vote!

            Susan B. Anthony                           Elizabeth Cady Stanton                       Lucy Burns

It's November 4th, and here in the U.S. it's Election Day. Be part of the Process, and get out to Vote! If you're female, and I imagine most of you are, keep in mind the strong women who gave years of their life to the suffrage movement so all women then and after had the right to vote. Can you imagine our world if we didn't? We all have a voice, and our voices count. Make yours heard today. Pay tribute to their legacy. Go vote!

Yesterday was a great day. I made it to Miller's Dry Goods for my Auifil thread, and I'll admit, added to my stash. I posted the link to their Facebook page there if you'd like to follow them. The day was beautiful, and I carpooled out there with a quilting friend, Eiko. I am very grateful for the wonderful mix of friends I've found reaching out through quilting. I would not have made the connections without it.

Another exciting outreach project is just beginning tonight at Jo-Ann's in New Philadelphia. From 6-8:30 p.m., we'll be in the craft room doing our thing. If you quilt, stitch, knit, sew or anything to do with needle craft, you are invited to join us. I'm packed and ready. Note: The little green tote is a power house I found at IKEA this weekend for under $5. My travel machine fits it with room to spare. It's flexible and sturdy, and I'm not afraid to use the handles. I love it!

 I spent the rest of yesterday re-organizing my sewing area. Everything I had pulled out was refolded and put away.

 I added another cubby to hold all the fabric my sister-in-law donated to my cause. Now I can see it finally. I cleaned up and swept, and though I'm not quite done, but it's a vast improvement.

I've vowed to finish the Zombie, and then to postpone my urge to start another quilt before I finish a charity quilt up. I may have to sew like crazy to get it together today. I'm hyped to do a nine-patch in a bright, simple design with a mix of both my modern and vintage fabrics. I've been haunting the Red Pepper Quilts site, and love the feel of her color mixes. She does a lot with fussy cuts and simple designs. I've linked you to her tutorials page. I also have a lot of her quilts pictured on my Pinterest account. Click to view.

I've also been intrigued by another blogger, I'm a Ginger Monkey. Traditional quilting designs and techniques with modern fabric. She's been doing some teaching tutorials over on QNNtv, and here's her link. I'm a Ginger Monkey QNNtv. There's a $2.99 a month plan, and I think I could squeeze in a lot of viewing. (Heads up! You need to notify them to cancel the automatic billing cycle. Otherwise, there's a monthly charge.) 

Last but not least, I screwed up some laundry this week. I put 2 fuzzy robes in the same load. One light blue, and one dark purple. I didn't have dye transfer. I had FUZZY transfer, and it was terrible. Rewashing didn't help. Re-drying didn't work. Shaking, etc. Nope. So I did find a quick way using my rolling pin and packing tape. I just made a giant lint roller, and rolled away. It's not perfect, but way better than before, and I saved the robe.

Lots of little bits and patchwork here today. I hope you've found something useful. I've had plenty of coffee while getting this ready, so...

Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's go sew.


Joyce said...

Hope you have fun at Joanne's tonight.

Unknown said...

Love your green basket!!! You have the arms to carry it.....enjoy!

Julie said...

Joyce, I wish you had been there. There was about a dozen of us, and we had so much fun. You either heard sewing machines or laughing. Everyone agreed we should do it on a regular basis, so we'll be back in weeks.

Julie said...

Irene, you posted!! So glad it worked out. I do love that basket tub from IKEA. I'm thinking it would be ideal to have a few of them. No little holes for things to get stuck and lose pins. I just grabbed a shopping cart from the parking lot last night, threw in the carryall, and hauled it it. Loved it!