Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wild Saturday Night Love Party with Animals and a UFO

Late yesterday I had a few hours to myself to work on one of my UFO's--(Unfinished Objects). I hadn't decided which would be next yet, but I went straight to the scrappy red-pink-grey that I had been working on from the cover of "Sunday Morning Quilts: 16 Modern Scrap Projects" by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison.

I got this book the first of May, and straight away started pulling fabric scraps out for this quilt. I know it's intentionally meant just for scraps, but I must be more frugal with what I consider a scrap, so I had to hit my stash to round it out. The cutting took the longest, and somewhere along the line I decided I didn't want a huge quilt.  I organized each stack, and there it sat. I think I just loved the colors.

In July, I started piecing. This quilt is wonky-- nothing cut precisely, and I thought it would be easier to sew. It was a little harder, actually. You get used to being spot on, and I had to work at wonkiness. One trick I did find when working on with this many strips: if you line up one side of the ends evenly, and you piece/sew consecutively down the line, they come through the machine like the second picture.

Then cut them apart, and line up the even edges. This keeps things in the order you laid them out.

It was when I put 4-5 of the strips together that it finally had the Wow Factor! I wanted to see this top together, and put the foot pedal to the carpet.

Here are the party animals! Every time I put the strips down to get a look at how things were lining up, one or more of the dogs wanted to come help.

Up to this point, I never had a name for this quilt. There are Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine fabrics in it, along with some from dresses I made my girls when they were little. I had texted a picture to friend along with "Happy Valentine's Day" earlier when she sent me a "Happy Fall" and a pumpkin quilt square. But in another text with another friend, my perspective was changed. I sent her a picture of my work in progress, and she said, "Oh, the Love Quilt!" Oh, yeah, this IS the Love Quilt!

And the rest was my wild Saturday night party with animals and a UFO.

Be productive today, friends. I'm finishing this top up.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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