Friday, September 5, 2014

What Defines a Successful Day?

Success can be summed up as a lot of different things to quilters. Most of us would say a day was successful when we powered through a project, or maybe even got through a tough part we were dreading. But can a day be called successful even if you never see the inside of your sewing room?

It all depends on our personal definition of success.

This morning there was a huge pasture to mow, and my daughter came over with all her dogs to visit. Someone--Pipey Pants, got a hold of my new Aurifil thread I just bought to quilt the Zombie quilt.

Bad dog, Piper! The spool is shot. Thank heavens
 it wasn't my quilt!

Lunch came and went, and a friend asked me to help with her new machine. We met at a local fabric and craft store first, and found some cheery batik jelly rolls on clearance. Then we headed home, and I cheered her on while she got to know the machine. We went through all the basic things she'd need to go home and start sewing her Jelly Roll quilt. Even a beginner can do a Jelly Roll! 

The machine came as a recommendation from another quilter friend, thank you, Irene, and I just passed it on--a Brother SQ 9185 from Walmart. I was  quite impressed with this machine at well under $200 on sale. It was computerized, smooth, and came with so many extras including 9 feet. Also, a walking foot and wide quilting platform.

I may have to put this on my Christmas list as a travelling machine. Michelle just picked it up, and off she went.

So no sewing involved yet, or maybe it won't happen today, but it was a most successful in my opinion. Don't you think? Life happens, and we've added another quilter to the ranks.

Gotta run, Doxie girls. My daughter has cooked! Shrimp curry--gluten free with a GF cider for me, and potato soup for those here allergic to shellfish. Yum, yum. Yep, we're some bunch.

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