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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thursday's Tips

Pfaff Creative Performance: New to Me

Over the past winter, I've had my share of problems with my older Pfaff sewing machines. Two shorted out their motherboards (Read, "More expensive to fix than the value of the machine"), and another had tension or mechanical issues. It was a constant rotation to find or borrow one that was in working order. Maybe a newer machine was what I needed. Thanks to a husband with a keen eye to Craigslist he spotted this one. It was only 6 years old, but a buy for me compared to new. I will admit there was an initial learning curve--and I'm far from a whiz on her, but I'm back to piecing finally. She came with all the embroidery attachment bells and whistles, but I'm not even venturing there yet.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Tricks, Tips & Common Sense for No Pin Quilt Borders

Black Tie Affair
Bee Blocks 2016

I can't imagine this pretty, little thing was from 2016 already! Alone on a shelf with no finish in her future. I read the note I had stashed with it, the accompanying fabric, and set to pressing out the wrinkles. Each project that comes out has some story behind why it didn't get finished--some problem I encountered that wasn't easily solved. This gal was lacking fabric for the borders, and some finicky seam work. I had searched high and low in stores and online for that fabric, and it had all disappeared. Until...

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Essential Tips for Sanity While Making Multiple Quilts

Sitting Pretty for Tomorrow's Work

Tomorrow when I walk into the studio, my work is already cut out for me. Literally. Instead of debating where to start--we all do that sometimes, I have set the scene for a productive session. The binding is ready, and lying on the quilt. 

Organizing My Finishing Game

January's theme was hammering out quilt tops for charity. It started as a simple way to destash. A frantic phone call for utility quilt dimensions was my first move. Let's say it snowballed--and then it took on a life of its own! What I never expected were all the lessons I learned along the way. Most from the experience of making quilts as fast as possible, but others from simply observing how veterans stay organized, and keep going. I've been filling you in as I've rolled along, but here are some more good tricks on organization, labeling, and batting choices to make your quilting life easier. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Moda Modern Building Blocks #7 & Rotary Cutting Tips

There's little to say except I'm pushing through the 6" blocks. If I have half an hour to myself I'll hustle to the studio to cut a couple out, and see how far I can get. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Paper Stars-Making Your Own Templates

Come on. 
Look closely at this with me. 

If we look critically at this first star of mine, we'll find a few points that aren't "just so". The horizontal lines in the fabric are all a few degrees off being horizontal. Hmmmm....What-ever! Those little things will not deter me from being pleased as pie with it!

I drew this star out on paper with a pencil compass and ruler, and made a pattern from it.

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Daydream Taking Shape

Yesterday was a play day. I stole away to my basement space, and played with fabric and color. I did a lot just laying one fabric on top of another, and standing back a few feet to look. You saw my color palette yesterday, and you know most of the fabric goes with all of the others. The majority of the time I would say, "Yeah, that works." But I would keep moving it around until I would say, "Wow! Now THAT one is fantastic!"