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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thursday's Tips

Pfaff Creative Performance: New to Me

Over the past winter, I've had my share of problems with my older Pfaff sewing machines. Two shorted out their motherboards (Read, "More expensive to fix than the value of the machine"), and another had tension or mechanical issues. It was a constant rotation to find or borrow one that was in working order. Maybe a newer machine was what I needed. Thanks to a husband with a keen eye to Craigslist he spotted this one. It was only 6 years old, but a buy for me compared to new. I will admit there was an initial learning curve--and I'm far from a whiz on her, but I'm back to piecing finally. She came with all the embroidery attachment bells and whistles, but I'm not even venturing there yet.

Friday, September 5, 2014

What Defines a Successful Day?

Success can be summed up as a lot of different things to quilters. Most of us would say a day was successful when we powered through a project, or maybe even got through a tough part we were dreading. But can a day be called successful even if you never see the inside of your sewing room?

It all depends on our personal definition of success.