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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ice Dyed Mandala Flowers Quilt


The first theme presented by The Endeavourers  is Nature. For two long months, I let the word roll around my brain. Such a broad topic needed narrowing, and so I asked the question, "What mental image do I see for the word nature?" Weather? Mountains? Animals? No, when I close my eyes I see flowers both wild, cultivated, and magical. Newly opened, allowing these eyes the first glimpse of  seductive blooms--never ceasing to amaze me with spectacular color and detail beyond the imagination of the greatest artist. And no matter how I pose the question, "Who could dream so vividly?," I am brought back to a divine creator. Therefore, I've titled this piece, "Divinity."

Friday, July 29, 2016

Using Hot Glue Stencils On Fabric: Possibilities

Test Papers Using the First Samples

Are you ready to see a real application to all this madness? Good. I'm ready to show you. But first, let's talk about this technique. These are stencils made from using a hot glue gun, and common glue sticks. It's so easy that nearly anyone can do it. It works with both high and low temperature glue guns so even kids can use it with adult supervision.