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Monday, November 23, 2020

The Family & Pets Issue

The Anna Quilt

I have said before I come from a long line of Anne's, and one Anna. Edyta Sitar has a line of beautiful reds, pinks, and creams right now called Anna, and a quilt pattern to highlight them. It's simple, and perfect for the not-quite-a-jelly-roll I had from a Tim Holtz line. (It was closer to 2 5/8" than 2 1/2".)

This quilt is for a son who never asked for a quilt because he didn't need one. I do think it's finally he would like one from me more than than a need to stay warm now, and that makes me very happy, if you must know. When he asked, I started sewing. The fabric had already been bought, and I was just waiting for the cue. I knew he'd come around sometime.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Official Start of Fall Sewing

Two Friends and One Heavenly Afternoon

Yesterday was the first official weekly meet up of the season in my studio. (I cleaned for TWO days! It was a great summer surrounded with my boxes of sewing stuff, but I buckled down for a serious cleaning at last.) Scraps still haven't been sorted, but they are in boxes at last. Out of sight, out of mind for now. Instead, we hit the stash for a quick strip quilt, and some satisfying sewing.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Saltwater Jelly Roll Quilt

16 Patch Stars & Diamonds
Full/Queen at 76" x 97"

My goodness, am I glad to have this quilt top together! Whew. Talk about a project going on for-ev-er. This is Tula Pink's Saltwater line, and was the first jelly roll I EVER purchased or worked with!

Yesterday was devoted to cleaning off my work table as I have my monthly group coming in this week. With the ironing surface freshly vacuumed, I pressed all my recently laundered fabrics and backings. I sat to rest when this caught my eye from the Pink Doxies' PUPs table...Pile of Unloved Projects. (Big wink!)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Making 2.5" Unfinished HST from a Jelly Roll

My First Jelly Roll Quilt: Date Unknown

The first jelly roll I purchased many years ago was "Saltwater" from Tula Pink. I fell in love with the "octopuses". (Check here if you use another form for the plural.) There is a seriously cute factor to the faces in her prints. I snapped up a jelly roll in the line, and set to making an easy quilt. I imagine this was among my first 5 so you know it's old!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Baby Quilt Finish with Minny Muu from Lecien Fabrics

Such a big story behind this little quilt! I'm not sure it would all fit here. Shall I give you the condensed version?