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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Quilt, Hutch, Dogs

Barron's Debut

Before you wonder aloud, the Doxie girls are still with us, and doing as well as14 years old dachshunds can do.  Their days are full keeping one step ahead of this incredibly sweet, but rambunctious Japanese Chin named Barron. He turns a year old in a few weeks. He came to live with us last May, and we haven't had a dull day since.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Ocean Waves Blocks Ready

9  Kind of Blocks

Sewing has saved me this week. I find it calming, and when life gets to be a lot--and it has lately, I dodge into my sewing room at home for some therapy. To explain, I mainly longarm quilt in my studio, but I also come home to sew after work. If I have a quilt with an edge-to-edge going on the longarm, I can sew at work too, but often I'm engaged with other client work. At home I can do my own thing. It's more conducive to be creative when I'm not listening for an empty bobbin.