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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May: Checking for Balance

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Checking for Balance

Before you say this is not a quilting related post, ask yourself: "What stops me from doing the thing I love most?" Often it involves something you have control over at one time or another. Chances are it could have been done earlier, but the choice was made to do something else instead. Life is full of trade offs. Right? But if you're looking for more time in your life to do the things you want--quilting or sewing, for example, then stay tuned this month, and read on. We'll talk about why we collect some of the so-called baggage in our lives, and how to become free from it.  When problem areas take on a life of their own, it's our right to take control. We can give ourselves permission.

I am especially reaching out to those of you who feel the Merry-Go-Round hasn't slowed down since 2017 began, and like me you want to get off.  Early this year I made a plan to focus on the future, and create a long range schedule. I've spent 4 months making quilts for charity, and while several are still not done, it is time for change. May is my target month for winding down, and regaining equilibrium. It seems most timely while the seasons change to one of renewed growth. You may call it tuning in to Self or listening to an inner voice, but it's simply time to decide what is working well in life, and what could benefit from change. You might even question some things in your own life along the way. Change requires work on our parts now to make it easier later, but quilters are known for their long vision and perseverance. Join me!