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Monday, April 18, 2016

Best New Quilting Book and Favorite Fabrics

The best way to choose variegated thread 
is to unroll a bit across your fabric. 

Is the color change subtle or sudden? 
These Sulkys are gorgeous on Schott cottons! 

Today's title should have hooked you: books and fabric. Isn't that like chocolate and peanut butter? But maybe you don't like chocolate? So it is with suggesting any book or fabric. This is my taste, and what works for me at this moment.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Warm-Fuzzy Quilted Gifts and Stash Acquistions

How lucky we are to have talented friends.
That says, "mmm! quilts 'hearts' Pink Doxies."

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Copyright Laws for Fabric and Selling Quilts

How fabulous are these prints? 
I bought them at JoAnn's. 

One of my online friends commented she was glad to see I also bought fabric there. When I did more home dec and garment sewing, it was my main source, but quilting fabrics are different. I buy quilting fabrics at my LQS or online, but I do use my local JoAnn's for many other items. They are gracious to offer space for our sewing group, and I am grateful for that. They're also a pretty nice group of folks that work there, and I support the store to keep it open. For the longest time I refused to buy fabric there for two specific reasons. One, the quality fluctuated from quite decent to poor.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Giveaway Winner and Sunday Stash

Color Theory from Moda

I have to admit that this collection got a 
cursory glance while shopping online 
this week. I liked the palette, 
but sometimes cyber shopping doesn't 
quite measure up to your LQS experience. 
Such was the case when I saw it in person.

The colors were gorgeous, and it felt luscious!
But was it worth the splurge?
I put a little 'Still Shopping' tag on it, and 
kept looking.(Okay, there was some pink in it, 
but it was soo much better in person.) 
I finally came back to claim it for my own.