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Sunday, October 21, 2018

One Patch Cross Baby Quilt

One Patch Cross Quilt

The one patch is my go-to method for creating anything quickly and accurately! I've found nothing to match the design potential with ease and speed of sewing. I spent more time selecting fabrics, cutting, and laying out this design than in quilt top construction. This baby-size top was sewn together in little more than an hour. A quick trip on my longarm with a medium, monster-y meander went quickly, and check out my 3 layer floating method with magnets to secure. (This time I meant to do it!)  Binding was cut from the leftover backing, and machine stitched. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Eye Spy #01: Four Patch & Cross/Plus Blocks

Cross Block

There is something organic that draws modern and traditional quilters alike to the simple cross block. Beginners are attracted because they see a block made entirely of straight seams, and advanced sewists because they know it also has great graphic impact. Craftsy has an article HERE on cross block patterns and variations. There are both free downloads, and others for purchase. Pinterest has many excellent boards, but here is one in particular I follow: PLUS/CROSS QUILTS