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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Charity Quilting: Gnadenhutten Quilt Project

Local Needs

Many of the comforters made by the Gnadenhutten Quilt Project lately have not stayed in our local area lately, but were sent where they were needed most. They were taken to MCC Connections in Kidron, Ohio, a thrift store, and collection site for Mennonite Christian Committee. Donated comforters follow the path to people in need through Mennonite Disaster Relief. Our little group has 8 at the moment ready to donate. That's wonderful!

Monday, August 17, 2020

How to Tie Comforters on Antique Quilt Frames

How to Use Vintage & Antique Quilt Frames to Finish Quilt Tops

Before I go further, I need to tell you the story behind this quilt. The center blocks were given to a friend of mine by a quilter who had to move to a care center. The original quilter is now 98. The quilter who received the blocks is a young 84. She carefully sifted through the leftover fabric stash sent along with several partial tops, and finished this design. She brought it our comforter frolic, and our small group tied it. Back home for binding, and then with some luck, the original maker will have a chance to see it finished, and ready for donation to MCC (Mennonite Christian Committee). Doesn't that just warm your heart? I love this scrappy, vintage-inspired design so much I may have to remake it for one of my own!

Now let's talk about the how-to stuff you need to know! I chuckled earlier this year when I read how a family had to teach their children to use a land line phone during the early Covid days. Today we're going to investigate quilt frames from the past century or so. Think of it as another form of 'quilt technology', and much the same story!