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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Give Me a Season to Sew

Oh, my goodness, it's hot, hot, hot! Well, it's hot here, but I realize not all of you are feeling it. I have friends still freezing their knees off in the southern half of the world, and for you I say, "Send those cool temps our way. We are ready for Quilt Season!" The fall flowers are bursting into bloom so I know nature is ready for it too.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Two Not-So-Teeny Texas Braids

A Texas Three Step 

There were several tongue-in-cheek titles I had for this quilt. Texas Three Step because there were really only 3 different pieces in it, and 3 sewing steps for the whole quilt. The other was Crazy Quilt because of the repetition. Now that I'm done, I do appreciate the true vintage braids all the better, though. Will I do it again? No way, but don't let me sway you. You may enjoy it, but I'll say I've crossed this one off my bucket list with a marker.

There is good information on cutting and organizing such an array of fabrics on the first post: A Texas Braid Christmas Quilt

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Texas Braid for Christmas Halfway There

34" Braids Measured End to End
112" Long if Sewn

The braids are growing longer, and the piles of strips on the bed smaller. That's good! Every night I stack them up, and every morning put them back. It keeps me inspired, and on track, but now I'm second guessing my perseverance.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

A Texas Braid Christmas Quilt

2016 Black Friday Fabric Finds

Goodness! I had my first Black Friday ad in my inbox yesterday on Nov.1. That might be a record. Are you curious about whether my 2016 Black Friday Deals got used? As it happens, I actually have a quilt underway with some, and it may be something I can get done in time for Christmas. For once. 

The Fat Quarter Shop had a deal on Moda Jolly Bars in a Christmas print, and I snapped up 2. At 5" x 10" they were not a size I normally worked with, and I had to do some searching to find a pattern that worked with both the size and print. As the Bonnie Hunter Texas Braid was on my bucket list, and it took 2" x 5" strips, it was perfect. I just needed to add more fabric in both the prints and neutrals. There is a LOT of fabric in this quilt.