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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Plus One or Splitting Hares Finish

It's early here. The clematis paniculata is in full bloom already. The outside lights haven't even shut off yet, but I have to run out to get you pictures before my busy day starts. I think the colors are showing off truer, too.

I am most thankful the Plus One is done. Isn't it amazing that we can pick out fabric, dream it up and stitch it all together, and it still gets changed up into something more than what we anticipated?  I love that moment we see it for the first time. Our creative energy investment is fulfilled. But, you know, I feel so emotionally connected to something while in the throes of the project, and the minute it's done I'm off thinking about the next one. Call me fickle, Doxie girls. It's the thrill of the project!

It's not a secret, and most of you know I am really the newbie out here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Adventures in Free Motion Quilting-Splitting Hares

Yesterday was a hoot! I nearly completed my first quilt by machine quilting. What a time savings over hand quilting!

I started by marking the quilt top with the design I thought I would use. I used a quilting pencil, and it was a good thing because it changed half a dozen times. To remove, you just blot with a damp, cool cloth, but then you need to wait until it dries to re-mark it. I thought about a hair dryer, but heat will set some marking pencils and pens. I tried to pick easy designs, but not everything looked right. Finally, I was sure of the center block, and decided to just start quilting.