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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Quilt Label Bliss

 There's finally a label on my quilts 
that makes me happy.

I used this saying as something to simply work with
while I was figuring out how to do curvey 
designs with Word. I sat there and smiled 
while I looked at it and worked. 
 I realized that I wanted to smile every time I saw
my quilt tags, and that's when this stuck. 
I like it, and it makes me happy.

These little baby quilts were for family, and I
wanted something with a saying and a date.
I found this on Pinterest, and thought 
it was so sweet! It's not my poem.

There are oodles of places to find sayings for quilt 
labels, but my favorite is at Quilter's Diary.

One I want to try is, 
"Blessed are the children, for they
will inherit the quilts."

And another,
 "In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there 
was in me an invincible summer.” 
-Albert Camus

They may not be your cup of tea, but the important
thing is we put some kind of a label on each of
our finished quilts. You choose what you want,
but name, date, receiver's name, and laundering
instructions are a few to consider.

I have several quilts to go back and tag. I 
knew I should do it, but was not happy with
anything I'd tried. A friend has gone on and on
about how easy it was to use her printer,
and I had seen the tutorials on many blogs.

I finally gave it a try, and I won't go back!

Instead of listing them all, check out these
Pinterest boards on 'how to print on fabric'. 

I'm going to give you a 30 second walk through.
You need common freezer paper.

Cut a piece of freezer paper to the same size
as your regular printer paper. Mine is 8.5"x11".
Cut the cotton fabric you are printing on
just slightly smaller than that paper.
Iron shiny side to the fabric until it sticks.
I used a medium heat iron.

I have a Canon inkjet printer, 
and I use generic cartridges.
Feed your paper in with the fabric
side facing down.

Work out your design in any program you're
 comfortable with. I used Microsoft Word.
Space the document so there is room
between each logo for you to cut them
into tags, or however you plan on 
using them. Hit print.

 Seriously! How cool is that?

Here's the next bit that works for me. I use 
iron on interfacing to back the actual tag.
I frame the tag in a fabric used in the quilt.

Sides first, then top and bottom. I used 1.25" 
wide strips whatever length to match.

I use a non-woven pattern tracing material called
Do-Sew, and cut a piece the same size as
my tag. Cut an X in the Do-Sew, and sew
it to the front of the tag.

Clip corners, and turn.

It's puffy at this point.

Use another piece of fabric to protect your
ironing surface, and lay the Do-Sew side on it.

Steam the Do-Sew to 'shrink up'
the backing, and you have a lovely
quilt tag that says exactly what you want.

Hand stitch on the back of your quilt.
Finding a simple, inexpensive way to
label my quilts has been a thorn in
my side since the beginning. I'm so 
thankful to have found this method.

I'll share a sneak peak at 
my design wall.
More on that tomorrow.

Until then..
Come on, Doxie Girls.
Let's go sew.

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