Friday, August 25, 2023

Star Upon Stars #4 Finished

Star Upon Stars Block 4 Finished

It goes without saying I'm ready to have this block done. Summer has been long, and aside for a tiny dry spell it has been green throughout. Nice weather meant less time I could sit inside guilt-free to sew, and more spent with my head and hands in garden beds. It's not even every other day now I get to sit down to piece, and that certainly slows a big project. But 4 are done with pieces to do some half blocks already stripped from leftovers, and I hope to do a few of those before moving on to a whole new block.

I pulled these fabrics for the next block, and this time I may do the surrounding stars from a single fabric. This would probably drive a perfectionist off the wall, but I like the idiosyncrasies of different approaches. My quilt, my way. I am still getting the hang of how ordering the fabrics can really change the dynamics of each star. I look at different stars in the book to see how going from dark to light and back again changes how that star jumps out or recedes, and try to order mine for the same effect.

Yesterday I picked tomatoes in between rain drops with some help from Barron. Quite a haul! That's a table bussing tub in the back, and I could barely carry it in.

Barron loves cherry tomatoes.

Today I got 21 quarts of juice from them, and was so tired I had to have a little nap between batches! My tomatoes are producing well this year so there will be more for sure. I'm so grateful for the bounty, but looking forward to more free time too. There's a season for everything, but I would appreciate a little moderation.

I'm off to squeeze in a little sewing time, and hope you are getting some quiet time too.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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Nancy said...

Wow, what a stunning block! I love seeing the ring of green around the center of the star.
It is really interesting to see how the placement of both color and light/dark fabrics change where our eyes look and what become dominant.
You are a gardener extraordinaire!