Monday, March 27, 2023

Star Upon Stars: One Done, One In Progress

Block One: Star Upon Stars
Pink and Brown

There were a several people that said this was their favorite combination with pink in the center, and blue on the tips. And to be fair, it was my original intent so I sewed the block this morning. It was quite a relief to see it come together the way it should or nearly there. If the rest fit this well, I'll be delighted.

The star itself was about 13.5" tip to tip before adding on the corners, and I was nervous. While I assembled each corner star to the large star, I checked against my cutting mat markings. When I had both corners in, I needed to be fairly in range to 12.5". If I wasn't, I ripped and readjusted until I was.  Adding the half stars took it down just to where it needed. 

FYI: A shocking amount of each star tip got swallowed into the seams. 

I only finger pressed until the whole block was sewn. At the end, I pressed well, added a bit of starch where necessary, and set it under my tray with weights on top to flatten and dry. After it was dry I gave it a tiny trim, and squared it up.

This is the block trimmed under the 12.5" ruler. There is about 1/8" on each side. I can easily accommodate that little extra while stitching.

Star Two: Gold, Green, Purple

I spent a while looking at the color combinations in the original quilt this pattern was taken from. Nearly every star has some pink in it, and of course the sashing strips are built around pinks and reds. I'm hoping that doing the same with my blocks, having some pink in each one, will be the cohesive factor. 

Backgrounds in each star block are different, and we can talk about choosing backgrounds next. It makes a bigger difference than I first imagined.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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