Friday, November 6, 2020

Civil War Blocks: Round 2

Civil War Blocks: Round 2
Indiana Puzzle

I've had an internal dialogue going whether to write much about these Civil War blocks, or just let them stand on their own. Because it's supposed to be joyful sewing only, I've decided to say little. I won't titter on about missing points or meeting seams. I'm sure that wasn't so much of an issue in those times as I have some of those old quilts, and I've seen it firsthand. I would venture it was much more about the fabrics then, and how they added so much color to fairly plain interiors in many cases. The fabric and quilts might have been the stars of the room all their own so I will try to allow these blocks do the same unless necessary.


Ladies' Aid Album

Union Square

Birds in the Air

These blocks are meant to be a bit of a self-imposed, personal challenge for me. That makes me happy. If we only work at the level we are competent, and never risk a struggle beyond our abilities, we will wind up in exactly the same spot. Do it often enough, and that's stagnation, and really isn't much fun when you get down to it. I would rather push the stone up the hill, and keep it exciting.

I recognize there are times for comfort sewing when our heads are so full we can't think, but refocusing and concentrating mean I have to empty my mind of everything else. It's a type of meditation in its own way. It's a method to regroup scattered thoughts, and keep it all together beyond Covid, politics, and all the garbage we are dealing with today. Hard projects I can immerse myself in help me cope.

This block is the traditional Birds in the Air we are most familiar with. I've done that one so I looked for another version on my Barbara Brackman's Block Base software, an add-on for EQ software, and found this applique version. I seriously thought I was going to do the turned edge technique until I tried it; these are ti-i-ny pieces, ha-ha-ha, joke on me, and pulled out my Lite Steam-a-Seam II. My friends advised me to edge stitch the fused applique so I gave it a shot.

Onward, friends.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.


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Angie in SoCal said...

These are beautiful! Barbara Brackman blocks?