Thursday, October 22, 2020

Quilt Roll Catch Up

Modern 9 Patch

Oh, the quilts I see! I'm so lucky to be surrounded by inspiration daily. It's been a whirlwind, and they keep rolling in from so much summer sewing. Let me show you a sampler of recent highlights. 

Rosann Triner sent me this supersized, modern beauty several weeks ago. It took us a while to decide how to quilt it. Between talking and texting ideas, we came up with this simple, yet elegant design. It adds softness with the curves, yet keeps it both modern and minimalist. This proves that often the simplest designs require the most planning. It's fantastic!

Becky Tomes is a wonderful piecer, and it's a joy to see her quilts show up. I love controlled-scrappy quilts, and this floral quilting design adds another layer to the frolic.

Laura A. brought flannel tops meant for a good cuddle on the couch, and used such happy fabric. Flannel quilts are the one place I suggest all poly batting. Washing an all flannel quilt with cotton batting is almost impossible for most washers to spin out. Who wants to run to the laundromat if you don't have to these days?

Charity Quilts

Our charity giving has slowed down during Covid. Not from our end of making, but the need in this area has actually gone down to a trickle. Many of the quilt tops we had ready for the local shelter have been remade into larger tops, and repurposed for MCC relief. We have sent more than 15 large 60" x 80" comforters in the past months! If you would like more information, including videos on making comforters, check this link. MCC Comforters and Blankets

Not all of the quilt tops can be converted to larger sizes or would be appropriate because of the light colors. Those are still being finished and stored for the time when they are needed here locally. This one was donated by Meta Van Nostran, and turned out so pretty!

I've also enjoyed tying some of the smaller ones. It's quick, relaxing, and makes them very cuddly. These are somewhat of a treat for me, and take a little over an hour. It's about the same amount of time it would take to load and quilt them. 

Several people have donated batting cut offs over the last year, and I am still working through those. It can be a time-intensive, tedious chore to piece so much batting, but it certainly saves money. 

Thoughts on Covid and Moving Forward

Weekends have been hectic here with the fall workshop schedule, but last weekend I found it necessary to put it on hold. Covid is spiking in Ohio, and fueled by community spread 80+%. It's a difficult question on whether we get together with people or not--even with masks, and social distancing. Asymptomatic carriers are just that. It could be your best quilting buddy, and neither of you show it. Don't you feel like you're spinning the roulette wheel? 

If I have plans, and there's bad weather in the forecast, I usually opt not to take a chance. Weather lasts such a short time, and then it's over. I'd rather wait it out. I feel the same with Covid under elective circumstances. My circle is full of older people, and we can wait a week, maybe two, and see what happens. I'm not in favor of giving in to fear, but continuing our lives as safely as possible. This is a time for self-discipline. Let's keep the important things going, but the nonessential meet ups can wait. Hang in there!

Take a drive, and enjoy the beauty of fall. Pack a picnic, and enjoy these leftover sunny days a while longer. Even coffee and cookies enjoyed sitting in the car somewhere taste so much better than at home, and it's the experience that counts these days.

Hug your dogs.

And keep on quilting, and looking forward.
This won't last forever.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.


Linda Swanekamp said...

Lots of beautiful quilts! I have a chair to pick up in Berlin- probably will be awhile until we can go. Just tired of all the fear and distancing although I know it is necessary to take every reasonable precaution. Our church requires masks and many won't come because of that. I think there is a lot of emotional damage going on inside people due to being trapped in, bad choices, and lack of social contact. There are days I feel blue for no good reason although I am busy and working on creative projects. I miss human contact and spending time with people. Any progress on doing classes online? Still interested.

piecefulwendy said...

So many pretty quilts! We are spiking here in Minnesota too, so we are being careful as well. Love the quilting design in that first quilt!

Pamela Arbour said...

Love your quilting

Barb N said...

I hadn't seen the quilting pattern on the gray quilt quilted out before - it works! Interesting that the need for charity quilts has lessened. Good to stockpile though, because I suspect the need is still lurking. Somewhere. And yes, time to hunker down and ride this pandemic out. Grrrr. Now if only having more home time would equate to having a cleaner house, I'm all for it! But alas my house seems to get dirtier than ever before. What's with that! Probably because we're living it in 24/7, lol.