Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Baby Postcard from Sweden & Dragger


Many long months ago I promised a baby quilt for a friend--a grandmother-soon-to-be, and immediately after my life was swamped. It was one big thing after the next. Life can be that way, you know. My sewing projects were shut down tight. Six long months later the storm of activity has officially passed, and we're all breathing easier, thank you. I am gratefully, intentionally back to sewing. It's like a dream waking up with permission to say to myself, "Today I am going to sew!" And sew, I have.

I finally finished the Postcard from Sweden baby quilt. There were more than a few moments during construction I had to walk away from it. This was a real trial for my patience and attention to detail. When it came time to quilt, I was overjoyed, and chose a butter yellow So Fine thread for some contrast.

Matchstick quilting would have been my first preference for this color-blocked, modern quilt, but I felt it might look out of place in a child's room. The wavy, freehand lines seemed more appropriate, and were much quicker to finish.

The backing appears grey in this photo, but in reality is a soft, blue chambray.

I chose a blue solid binding color that didn't exist in the piecing. There are 30 different colors represented in this beauty, and I didn't want to repeat a single shade. I dislike when the binding butts up against the same color in a quilt. Just a personal preference.


Many of you have made this quilt. There's nothing new or novel in what I've done here perhaps other than shrink it to a baby size. What I learned from the process was how involved this pattern was in getting the right color in the right spot, and keeping things in order! Each and every of the 360 pieces! It didn't make me want to start another one right away, but I'll venture to say I might sometime in a larger version. As a utility quilt for a baby, though, I cringed to think it would be covered in---well, baby liquids after all that fussing. So I also made a dragger. 

Dragger: A baby quilt intended for hard use. A comfort, floor mat, peek-a-boo quilt that is meant to be loved, squeezed, teethed upon, drug through the dirt, and will brave all those baby liquids that come its way. 

This one is simply pieced in Sarah Watts "Train Ride from Tokyo", and one of my favorite children's lines. I mixed in some other Japanese inspired prints to round it out, and quilted it with a pattern called "Cat's Eye". The batting is Warm & Plush, and it's bound with an Anna Marie Horner print of year's past. I love this quilt's texture! 

Gold thread on a grey Kona backing makes it stand out.

The Postcard from Sweden quilt will get a hanging sleeve to hang in the nursery or somewhere it can be enjoyed, and this little quilt will carry the burden of hard work. I'm happy. I hope the new parents, and their little guy enjoy them both. Another day, another quilt.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.


Linda Swanekamp said...

So good to see 2 new quilts from you! They are beautiful and will be loved. So glad to see you have resurfaced.

PaulaB quilts said...

You really jumped right into it getting back to your quilting. It is definitely a stunner! And a really sweet ”dragger” as well. And you have the satisfaction of something beautiful and well done.

KaHolly said...

Now that’s a clever idea, Julie! I’ve so admired the Postcard from Sweden quilts! Including a 'dragger' quilt in your gift is genius, and I really like the quilting. I’m working on a quilt that is difficult to keep in order, too. I’ve already bungled it a couple of times. But that’s the challenge that keeps it fun. Right?

patty a. said...

Both quilts turned out great! Sewing keeps me grounded and so I can't imagine going for months with being able to sit at the machine. I am currently working on cleaning up piles of strips, blocks, bits, and pieces left over from other quilts. I am turning the majority of them into baby quilts so I will have a stash of quilts to shop from when a baby is due. I can't wait to see what your next project will be!

Barb N said...

Perfect scenario for these quilts! Non-quilters do not understand the great amount of time that can sometimes go into a small quilt. You've created the perfect scenario!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Both look great. It seems you're getting the hang of the new machine. Glad you've been able to get back to sewing.

audrey said...

The quilting pattern on your Dragger is very sweet. Really adds to the simple and sweet character of the quilt. Your Postcard from Sweden quilt is so vibrant. Love how the colors play and shine in it. I know what you mean about binding color bumping up against the same fabric/color in a quilt. Sometimes it's not a good look. I'm so glad you didn't put a black and white stripe binding on the quilt. Though it was an interesting and novel choice back in the beginning, people have done it to death! lol

Kate said...

The baby Postcards from Sweden may have been a challenge, but it turned out beautifully. Glad you've been able to get back to some stitching. Hopefully you'll have a calmer life for a bit.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

That is one lucky baby to get two beautiful quilts from you. Both of them are different but so sweet in their own way. I understand not wanting a time consuming quilt to be a dragger! I like my binding to not meet similar fabric too.

Quayquilter said...

Super quilts

Sandy Panagos said...

The wavy lines are perfect and the quilt is gorgeous! I like the tern "dragger" for that kind of quilt. Makes sense and such a great idea. Well done!