Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Introverted Blogger

The Tula Pink Saltwater Quilt Is Quilted

This was the first jelly roll quilt I made before I gained the wisdom of why one should not skimp on seam allowances. Therefore, before I bind it, I have some minor repairs to make. I noticed a few seams that were too small for comfort, and did makeshift fixes while quilting. Some WonderUnder and embroidery stitches now will make certain the fabric holds for several years to come. Some people would be upset by that happening after all the beautiful quilting, but I see it as a sigh of growth. We live and learn. I doubt anyone else will notice.

Are you an introverted blogger?
Say hello to another one here.

My blogging mojo disappeared a few months ago when real life got intense. It happens to all of us, but more often to bloggers who are also introverts, I believe. We are the people that need to recharge our internal batteries with alone time. We need extra time to space out, sort, process, and recover. You might think it's different with just writing about something because there's no face-to-face encounter. Texting or email is easier? Not true. We can get pretty hung up on words of any kind. Writing a blog post takes a lot of social energy. So Instagram, Facebook, blogging, and answering comments all went on hold. I just couldn't. 

I even talked to my besties about taking a year off--a blogging sabbatical of sorts. I spent 2 weeks imagining I didn't blog anymore. I quit checking email. I told all my friends I was on a social media diet. I finally slept, but still those creative juices were hard to squeeze out if at all. 

So I quilted, and in many ways I meditated. 

Back of Saltwater

Several customer quilts came and went.

This one gave me fits. In spite of using a scoop or bowl foot, some of the raw edges were quilted over, and had to be fixed.

I played with some fat quarters I'd been sitting on. 

I got Happy Mail for Beth at Cooking Up Quilts.
Thank you, my friend. They're gorgeous!
Axel, my longarm, is getting tats.
I have none myself.

Scrap Mountain Rising Again

Last week during our monthly quilt day in the studio, I asked anyone if they cared if I just sorted scraps instead of sewing. Sorting scraps is the ultimate quilter's therapy, you know. And so I did. The longer I sat on the floor listening to the music of the machines, the more I thought, "What the heck am I doing?" Is it the darkness of December that draws us into these deep philosophical questions with ourselves, or is it the coming of the New Year? Our age, the news, or life's circumstances? I think it's very personal to each of us, but sometime in one of those moments I knew the coming year was going to be a very different than the last. I had an idea.

A cliff hanger for you? Yes, but I have good things to show and tell you next time as the ball has begun rolling already. Was I jumping into something without thinking it through? Maybe, but like any good idea, it may only be ours once so either we act on it or it will find another mind to bring it to life. 

See you in a few days with lots of inspiring ideas.

This introverted blogger's mojo is burning brightly once again.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.


piecefulwendy said...

I've learned a lot about myself through my blogging, some of it quite surprising. I've learned that I'm a very social quilter online; however, I'm not nearly as social in real life. I'm a homebody, and happy to hide in my quilt room and sew all by myself. Keeping up with posts and social media can be exhausting, so sometimes I just want to not do it. I think taking the break you did is good therapy; I'm glad you're finding your mojo again though!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

I am introverted as well. I enjoy socializing, but I prefer being at home -- I'm really a homebody at heart. I love that bright circle you've created. I also think the change of seasons (and the darkness of fall/winter) affects people as well. Glad that you're feeling better and the creative juices are flowing.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Your quilting is marvelous. I think I will through my ruler at you. I can't get straight lines with it no matter what- just see my last post. I am glad to see what you have been up to- missed hearing from you. Glad everyone is ok. Blogging is a lot of work, but pays huge dividends. I value all I learn and who I get to know. I have had the grandkids here a lot as there is construction at their house, so blogging energy gets siphoned off. Your work is just breathtaking. Can't wait to see about the scraps. I am buried trying to sort mine.

KaHolly said...

Well said, Julie! That’s why I sometimes go weeks without posting. I decided a long time ago I’d only post when it felt right and it’s worked all these years. I’m not very good at being wordy and have to really work at it, even writing. This quilt is beautiful. Wow! I really loved seeing your scrappy mess! That’s what my sewing space looked like all summer! The more I tidied it up, the messier it became! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next, my dear! Have a good week! XO

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, I can relate to this post. I think I'll quit, but know I really don't want to. My blog and my blog friends are my contact with the outside world as all of my friends have passed. FB is somehow to impersonal and some are so opinionated I often wonder why others put themselves out there. IG...well I HATE that place as a person that wants to know MORE. I'm glad you are re-energized and thanks for sharing you work/play here.
xx, Carol

momto1 said...

First, your Saltwater quilt is gorgeous. I envy your quilting skills. Second, I’m an introverted non-blogger, and I totally understand everything you’ve said. Kudos for continuing, kudos for knowing yourself well enough to know when to step back and recharge. Can’t wait to hear your new ideas!!

Gene Black said...

I have always thought of quilting as the perfect hobby for those of us who are introverts. While I am more social than some, I do have my "disappear inside myself - leave me alone" times more than any extrovert can understand.
So the "sewing in a group" quilt retreats/guilds etc. make me need a lot of time to recuperate.

Tu-Na Quilts said...

Beautiful quilt and beautifully written post. I look forward to the end of the cliffhanger. I've often said in my posts, "I'll be back in a few days to show..." but then a week or two or three goes by. So I'll understand if it takes longer. I've taken a bit of time for myself this month and last month. Blogging demands a lot of mental energy and sometimes there just isn't enough left to share.

Barb Neiwert said...

Totally understand! Just take that mojo anywhere you find it and run with it. It's all about the timing. Looking forward to seeing what's up your sleeve.

audrey said...

Oh yes, I think I really must be an introverted blogger as well. Had NO idea you were!:) It's so true that we need time to recharge occasionally and sometimes that means LOTS of time. I've often considered completely shutting my blog down and then I always have to reconsider. It would just be too difficult to go back to lurking and commenting only, without having a way to fully express myself or discuss the thoughts that are welling up inside my head. And I've tried a blogging sabbatical. It worked up to a point, but left me feeling rather disconnected long term. It's so interesting to have such a diverse group of quilting friends and read about all the ways that we are the same and yet so different too. Looking forward to seeing the next good thing going on around here. Always appreciate your viewpoint!