Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Quilts, Groups & Little Dresses for Africa

Four Borders

This picture is turned on its side so you can get a good idea of the colors in all the border pieces. Nothing was sewn yet as I was moved things around to see how it all worked. I never know for sure until I see it from across the room.

Those Great Border Figures

Seeing this large print border fabric in place is fantastic finally! It has both the feel of a rich tapestry and a geometric. I carefully cut out the narrow diamond border from the floral. The diamonds measure just 1" from edge to edge, but I took more than the 1/4" seam allowance when I cut. Sometimes a narrow border is easier to keep very straight when the fabric comes out farther than the edge of the sewing machine foot. You can trim it after it's sewn.

I chose two different fabrics to add color to the border. Why? Well, I didn't have enough of either the green or salmon, and I like experimenting with making do.

Another Unanticipated Shortage

The original layout was 3 blocks x 3 blocks. I would have had enough of the border fabric to do mitered corners. Changing 4 blocks to on point meant those borders became much longer, and I was short fabric. Thankfully I still had just enough--within an inch or so to complete the edges. The corners will be stars made from fabric already within the design. I'll save that surprise to show for the end, though.

Sewing Group

The monthly sewing group that meets in the studio is always up for a challenge. Yesterday we set our sights on learning 60 degree piecing. Precision and accuracy up to the point of actually sewing are a large part of success with this, and we took our time while it poured down rain outside. I don't think anything can beat sewing with good friends.

Ohio Flowers in Redwork

Several quilts and tops came along for Show and Tell yesterday. I think these daffodils are the only ones I'll see for a while with our crazy weather. Irene's Redwork top is done and marked, and ready for the Sugarcreek Mennonite Church Quilters to start hand quilting it.


I think the maker's name and the year should also be embroidered into one of these blocks. What do you think?

April in Ohio

The Doxie girls don't like it, and neither do I.

Last of All...
A Very Good Thing

Mercantile on Main is a local quilt store in Coshocton, Ohio, helping to promote the Little Dresses for Africa program. Both my friend, Irene, and my mother had many dresses on display, and so I journeyed over to take pictures. I had not been in the store in a few years, and was overwhelmed by what I had found. Yards of fabric later I was asking myself why I hadn't been here more often with it so close to home. Do stop in if you're anywhere near, and visit the Mercantile's webpage or Facebook

An important part of Little Dresses for Africa program is the Sani-Pantis. Check out An Unmentionable Subject We Should Talk About for an additional easy pattern for home sewn pads published here on Pink Doxies. Basic underwear are a necessary item to send along with the dresses and pads, and we are asking for help to provide them. Packaged panties in sizes 6, 7, and 8 may be dropped off through the month of April at both the Mercantile on Main in Coshocton, Ohio, or Rees Cast Stone in Dover, Ohio. 

Thank you to all of you who shares a part of yourselves to make a difference in young women's lives! This provides the means to stay in school, an education, and opportunity for a better life.

Come on, Doxie girls.


Angie in SoCal said...

Turning out gorgeous! I like that peach border and the tapestry like outer border. Wow!

evaj said...

Thank you Julie for your inspiration this week at the Show and Tell Monday / KRAM Bambi

Quilting Babcia said...

I'd love to see the maker's name, date and location included on these benefit quilts, for future historians and owners who are interested. I've added labels to the quilts we've purchased at benefit auctions where information has been available, just so our kids and grandkids know they weren't made by me when the time comes to distribute our "stuff" among all of them. I love your progress on that quilt top, and the on-point setting really makes your blocks shine. We're having yet another blast of winter with high winds here. Great quilting weather!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

I really like this layout. I like the star pattern it makes. Yes, embroider her name and year. We don't have snow, but it's raining like crazy, and it's cold.

Barb Neiwert said...

Wow - you've got some fun projects going there! Too many to comment on each, because I like them all!

Susan said...

Love that print border fabric - it looks fantastic with your blocks. I also like the salmon, and hope you have enough, as it really ties everything together.

Sandy Panagos said...

The Ohio flowers are pretty. I would say, "Yes!" on the maker's name and date embroidered on a block!

Mary Huey said...

Glad you've rediscovered Mercantile -- Denise is a generous shop owner and always eager to lend a hand!!

Kate said...

Oh that quilt is going to be stunning! Sometimes it's frustrating when you have to make do, but sometimes it means you end up with something even better.