Monday, March 26, 2018

Make It Happen Monday

My work is play.

I need some color play every day--especially those that the sun won't shine. Some 60 degree diamonds cut 2", and some 1" scrap strips made a few interesting tumbling block variations. I really like the look of the weave in the intersection. I'm not sold on whether they would look better with a solid for the block, or some value changes between the block and strips, but they were fun nonetheless.

There's a cheater method to make them without a Y-seam, too. Sew three 60 degree sections and seam down the middle. You miss the cool intersection, but they have their own charm. These would definitely benefit from a solid block color, though.

Customer Quilt

I had a few lingering customer projects to finish before I take an official break for a while. This was waiting on backing to arrive, but is now ready. I think it's a wonderful first quilt, and the fabrics are really beautiful. I also wanted to show you because it has both silver and gold metallic colors in it. When it came to the thread color, we had to make a choice. This is a gold toned Omni called Vanilla Wafer.

Grey is a terribly hard color to match. It can pull toward blue, or look very dull against all this sparkly backing. A few didn't show at all, and we wanted the quilting to enhance it without disappearing. I would have questioned gold on silver, but it came out very pretty, I think.

And while I'm not always excited to do a panto, this seemed the right choice. It feels wonderfully soft.

The one last customer quilt is a table runner, and a chance to do some ruler work. This loads today, Carolyn.

Irene's Quilt

I was asked to post finished pictures of this applique project finished last week. It was larger than I remembered already.

Simple and sweet!

Charity Quilt Time

This project should have happened a year ago, but didn't. It's a quilt for Mennonite Christian Committee's Kidron Auction that is held annually each August in Wooster, Ohio. I have a little time yet, and am hoping I have a good stash selection to get it well underway this week. Fingers crossed. The pattern is Cabin by the Lake by Royal Quilt Designs who gave permission for it to be made and sold.

The Rest of the Week

In between vet appointments and the usual weekly needs, I'll be keeping my longarm moving. I find I work better if I use it as a warm up and cool down to the rest of my work, and it's much easier on the back and arms. I spent time this weekend inventorying all my batting against waiting projects, and think I have nearly enough to get the current projects done. 

The Value of Good Records

I started a new practice this year of keeping a project notebook. As I work, I write my notes for each one on a separate page. If I need to refer back to whether I have backing or batting or a measurement, it's there. This is a change away from the dozens of pieces of paper I tend to accrue for each one. It also serves as a record for yardage and design should I want to estimate my costs before pricing to sell. The one thing I haven't done is track estimated time for each project, but I think that would also be very helpful. Wouldn't that be fun to know?

Answer Me This 

Someone is going to say, "Do you every sleep?" after reading this post. I do! But I am also very dedicated to getting out from under these PUPs, and quilting makes me very happy! So, super-curious me wants to know, "How much time do you spend engaged in your quilting hobby/job/jobby each week?" I don't care if it's just staring at your design wall while having morning coffee, or petting the fabric in your local quilt shop. Online shopping and gawking counts, too. No fancy gadgets to use. Just estimate it and leave it in the comments. Won't this be fun to know!

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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Linda Swanekamp said...

I certainly need to use some of your ideas and get moving. I went to AQS Lancaster and consequently further behind. I have an avalanche of quilt tops to be done. My OBW is getting sewn. I have a notebook, but I need to stop and use it for notes, not rush along. Fortunately, it has been sunny here, but cold. Going into the basement to long arm is mentally hard when the sun is shining. Gorgeous work!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I usually spend about an hour in the morning sewing and about 3 hours in the evening quilting and piecing

Sara said...

Love those 60 degree diamonds. They are so clever and colorful.

I'm with you on needing the color play because this is the 5th day in a row that is grey, damp, dreary and it's weighing on my brain and soul. Most weeks I maybe spend about 10 hours in my sewing room. But I'm semi-retired, so I should be able to find more hours than that. Now you have me thinking about it.

Rebecca Grace said...

Oh, dear -- my brain hurts just CONSIDERING trying to track my quilting time, especially if I have to include all the time thinking about it, researching techniques, looking at quilt porn on Pinterest, etc...

Danice G said...

What an array of beautiful quilts. You keep a paper notebook too? 'Thought I was the only one who does that, lol. It really helps to keep on-track.

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

I like the tumbling blocks. Have never seen anything like that. I've wondered whether you sleep LOL I don't know even where to begin at calculating time I spend each week. It would be interesting to track.

PaulaB quilts said...

Interesting - The first pic looks like a 3-D cube, but the second one, with black dotted diamonds, looks like a flat piece no matter how I try to see it as 3-D. Don't know if it's the strong contrast, the seams in the diamonds or what. I also tried blocking out two of the three blocks in pic one, but no change.

Janice Holton said...

Someone asked me that question just the other day about how long it takes me to finish a quilt. Wow! I really have no clue. If you start with the fabric picking and auditioning and the piecing, basting, quilting, binding. It's got to be HOURS! I think the next time I start one from scratch, I'm going to try and keep track. Yes, it WOULD be interesting to know this. So I'm looking forward to see what numbers you put down in your notebook. :)

Angie in SoCal said...

Love your tumbling blocks. Yes, color is needed to ward off SAD. I may try a new tactic for getting out from under my PUPs - giving some away.

Stitchin At Home said...

I think your tumbling blocks need a solid, however I also think they are cute the way they are. How many hours all depends on what real life is throwing my way. Some days none, some days 3 to 4.

Judy Hansen said...

Enjoyed this post - you are surely busy! I try to quilt a little bit each day, and some days I'm quilting for at least three hours, but some days I am away traveling, and don't do any playing in the quilt room. I, too, wish someone would record the hours it takes me to finish some of these quilts. What is a PUP?

Thanks for linking with Design Wall Mondays, Judy

evaj said...

Thank you for your link and inspiration on the Show and Tell Monday !!
Want to watch and wish a Happy Easter from Sweden and Bambi

evaj said...


Thank you for your link and inspiration on the Show and Tell Monday !!
Want to watch and wish a happy Easter from Sweden and Bambi

Kate said...

You've got some fun and gorgeous customer quilts in the works.

A lot depends on how much work intrudes into my life in the evening and how much family stuff we have going on the weekends as to how much quilting time I get. My best week is usually about 13 hours, on average it's probably about 8 hours.

Sandy Panagos said...

Personally, I like your hexie with the dots. It's funky! Irene's quilt is just lovely! I get a little down if I don't get into my sewing room often enough. The more creating time, the better.