Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Star Quilt from Strips: 3D Groovy

3D or '70's Groovy Star Block

This 36" block was created to pattern test an EQ7 project I was working on. When I pulled fabric from my stash, it had a definite 70's feel, and I was transported back to the summer I had a sundress in these colors. How vividly I remember the colors and patterns of clothes my mother made for me growing up! I'm sure my early memories influence a lot of color choices without me realizing it. Have you found this too?

First Design Choice Using a Dark Center Star

I used the Creative Grids 45 Degree Diamond Ruler, and found it very helpful at keeping these pieces squared to the correct size and angle. Like any ruler, it has a little learning curve, and I also have 4 diamonds trimmed in a size 1/4" smaller!

I was really stuck on a dark center, and this brown dot for both parts of the corner four patches. I stood staring until I decided to go home, and sleep on it.

By the next morning, I was elated! I knew I needed to flip the diamond sections, and use up the last bit of floral in the far corners. A larger swatch would give a better visual of that beautiful fabric hidden in the star. I laid them up, and set to sewing quickly. As I stepped back to check it out, some famous words came to mind. Pride cometh before the fall. Oh, yeah. That was me. I ripped and fixed.

Another All Stash Project

It's one more project created with stash only. The shelves don't show it, but I know it. I'm trying hard this year to stick to stash if I'm making anything new, and balance the new with those WIP/UFO projects languishing on my shelf. 

Tish's Adventures in Wonderland has a recently added link up you might check out if UFO Busting is your thing this year, too. I was kindly featured there this week. 

And after my statement to not join in quiltalongs in 2018, I rationally committed to Sandra at mmm! quilts. There is a bit of a story behind it, and it's not a new QAL. It was paused during planning last year, and postponed. I got her message minutes after posting my yearly intentions last week, and my fabric has been washed and ready for nearly a year. So call me the poster child for flexibility. You can join, too. It's a slower paced quilt along starting February 14th--yes, Valentine's Day. Jeli Crafts has a free download Postcard from Sweden at Craftsy.

Introducing Craftsy Unlimited

Have you heard the big HUGE NEWS? Craftsy Unlimited has arrived! Every class, all the time, any time! One month subscription gives you access to over 600 classes--Everything, and a free 7 day trial. Click through the link to check it out, and see if this is the key to you becoming a better quilter, knitter, photographer, painter, maker, sewist, baker, cook...this year! 

It would be a sweet gift to give or receive instead of flowers this year, wouldn't it?

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.

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Linda Swanekamp said...

The green florals in the center really make it. I have a not good relationship with 70s colors personally, but you did a masterful job balancing it all out. I love stars.

Rebecca Grace said...

I love your groovy star block AND I have loved that Postcard From Sweden quilt since I first saw it! Do you have enough solids in your stash or did you shop specifically for this project? My dream stash would have a bolt in every color of the crayon box, but my real stash is sadly lacking in solids!

Kate said...

A very bright and fun block! Looking forward to seeing your Postcard from Sweden come together.

Stitchin At Home said...

I am glad you turned those stripes, I like the green in the center better. I used this block in my guilds BOM this season.

Susan said...

Lovely block! Good choice with the black on the outside - the other way was very strong.

Sandy Panagos said...

That's pretty groovy alright!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

I really like this. So basically, you sewed a strip set and then used the 45 degree ruler to cut sections? Very nice.

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

I was going to do the QAL as well, but ended up doing it with Busy Hands Quilts. That's not really a QAL for you -- it's a WIP. ☺

Christine Slaughter said...

I love how you bring us through your creative process. I didn't pay much attention to the final picture at the top, but had the thought of "I REALLY like this block"! As I read through and saw your process pictures, I was enjoying the block and loving how it was turning out. I thought it looked great at the point of you giving it some thought overnight. As I kept reading and saw your fix, I realized you were absolutely right to flip those triangles... It really made everything works together better. Thank you so much for always taking the time to share how you work, and how you make changes to make it work better. It always inspires me!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

It realy looks neat and definitely a "70s" look! Thanks for sharing.

Lynette said...

It must have been fun to work on a project that brought back the sundress memory. :)