Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Portable Quilt Frame & 2 Finished Quilts for Show

Moda Modern In Print
Finished and Delivered

Insomnia has taken over tonight. I adjusted my pillows too many times to try again, and a cup of herb tea seemed more welcoming. One side of my mind was stewing in the guilt of not posting in so long, but the other was running through the list of all the things I had accomplished through my blogging hiatus. We cannot be all things to all people, and this summer has belonged to me, and my idea of becoming more centered. Loose ends frustrate me, and my life has been feeling quite unraveled over the past many months. I thought a summer break would be relaxing, but I have never been busier. 

Other than Christmas time, summer seems to be the most anticipated season for many of us. We live through the slush of winter believing it will be slow and easy like the cover photo of a magazine complete with front porch swing and iced tea. Hah! When was the last time that happened to you? I guess the theory stating energy is never lost, but instead redirected somewhere else is true. Instead, I/we...

-Squeezed in annual medical appointments
-Serviced and repaired cars
-Renewed expired passports
-Mowed--(I think I should write this every other line.)
-Reduced and replanted part of the gardens
-Spent time with family
-Celebrated 3 birthdays (And all that go with them like someone getting a driver's license, etc.)

-Played with the dogs. Lucy is at her healthiest weight in years.
-Fixed things. (This one was loaded, and I thought bottomless at first. I am in awe of how many little problems are resolved thanks to help from my husband. It was a major list, and we still have a few to go.)
-Cleared hot spots. (Those are the piles of things we physically or even mentally make thinking we will do something with them. Many have gone poof!)

There have also been numerous trips here and there, and a merry-go-round of family and company here to stay. Most weeks we've had just 2 days between coming and going. Whew!

I am so grateful! So, why the insomnia?

I think that without the extra weight of things hanging over my head I'm feeling excited for fall. I'm most excited to plant some fall vegetables, and can I say super-excited for fall sewing? 

Dangerous Roads
Quilted, Bound & Delivered

In the studio it is evident that the load is lightening. The stack of tops waiting their turn for quilting has been slowly going down. I have great hope that this month will be as productive, and September will start with a close to clean slate. I can hope. Just keep this cool weather coming.

Dangerous Roads from the Back

Note my mighty 2" binding. It was not the original intention, but after quilting I saw that the piecing needed to 'float' instead of touching the edge. The wide binding acted as both an outside border and binding this way. Wide binding took me twice or three times the time to get right. Maybe that's why narrow binding is preferable these days.

New Portable Frame
From the Craftgard Co.

Taking quality pictures has been a nagging issue for me for years. Yes, I like to see quilts flung over a chair or in a tree, but I prefer to see the whole quilt at once. That may be just me, but seeing the Moda Modern hanging for the first time on this new frame was very exciting. The quilt is a monster, and I've only ever seen it lying half on my ironing table at once. I imagine this is the Wow Factor with quilt shows when we see all the quilts face on. My only other option had been to pin it to the wall of the studio, and shoot there. I have good photo quality light bulbs now, but they still don't compare to natural light.

Photos Shot Just Before Rain

I shopped carefully for a quality portable frame. I have an upcoming project that will require hard use, and was concerned with ease of use as well as durability. The Moda Modern is a heavy quilt because of the Warm&Plush batting, and this frame did a nice job of not bowing the crossbar.

Side clamps may help to pull the quilt square, and are in 
the works. You can see the distortion here.

Two more qualified photographers took these for me...

...And snuck one of me in. We had a time crunch to get the photos done, and start the 2 hours trip to the Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild for the Oaks show. 

Natural light is amazing to show off the quilting!

X marks the spot. Done. 
Just before the rain came down.

FYI: The Craftgard Co. has an easy online site to order from. Ordering directly from them is cheapest, I found. This is a frame designed specifically for hanging quilts--not photo paper backdrops, and is heavy duty. I ordered Monday and had it Friday. This is not an affiliate endorsement. I'm just very impressed, and know why so many people left great reviews.

More coming soon. Brace yourself. Thank you for all the kind comments last time. They were timely for me, and gracious of you.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.


PaulaB quilts said...

Welcome back, Julie. It sounds like your summer has been the busiest time of the year, not counting the mowing. But what a good feeling when things get finished! That quilt stand is a terrific investment. It will make hanging them so much less hassle. Your Quilting on both Quilts is outstanding. I know you will be proud to see the Modern in the show. Take a deep breath.

Stitchin At Home said...

I love 'Dangerous Roads'!!!! Summer is a busy time, I enjoy being out and about in the summer myself.

Kate said...

Sounds like you had an amazingly busy, but productive summer. It's too hot here to do much in the summer, I'm hoping that the fall will allow us to get some of those things done around here. Both quilts look outstanding. I've been using a photographers frame for years for photos, I ordered a professional grade one, which has worked out really well. It's nice to be able to photograph the whole quilt at one time.

Pam said...

I love everything about your Dangerous Roads quilt-the colors, the layout, the size , the quilting. Is it your original design? I googled the name to see if I could find the pattern and was treated to images of some amazing "dangerous roads".

Jasmine said...

Both quilts are gorgeous! I love your quilting on them. I have the same stand and love it as well.