Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy Quilter's Mail & Mishmash

Happy Llama Mail

I love when Desi Arnez says, "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" I think that's why I titled this post as mishmash. So many things to explain today.

Llamas: Our daughter keeps llamas. They are darling, cantankerous creatures! Everyone who meets them falls in love, though ours have some special needs. Sandra from mmm!quilts had the same experience, and when she found this enchanting llama fabric we were on her short list. Visit the link, and she will do the 'splainin' for me.

Did You Know?

Some llamas LOVE to get dressed up!

This happy mail package included a make up bag for the llama owner, but it's been put to use already, and out of sight. Sandra is absolutely the sweetest, and knew just what we would love! 

QuiltCon 2017

These were a complete surprise for me the weekend I came home from QuiltCon, and were a bit of a consolation. While I know many of you posted strings of pictures you took, I did not. As a matter of fact, I don't have much proof at all that I even went. It was an odd turn of events that I arrived the morning it opened with a headache, and by afternoon had a full blown migraine. The next morning it was still aggressive, and I made arrangements to fly home that afternoon. Even though my experience was cut short, I came home with some valuable information.

"You should really join the Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild."

While standing in front of a drop-dead gorgeous quilt, I struck up a conversation with a new friend. We exchanged niceties, and talked about our own work and locations. She said this one thing to me followed by, "I mean it!" So I said, "Okay, I will." And I did. Last Sunday I grabbed a friend, and we drove nearly 2 hours into Pittsburgh to meet the members at a store called "Spool". What a gorgeous venue to hold a meeting, and have a lesson in Sashiko stitching! While I won't gush here, I did when I got home. I felt like I'd finally found like minds, and hope it will be good for a long time.


Die-hard blog readers: If you are not on Instagram, you should be. Spring is one of the busiest seasons, and this is an easy way to keep up with the best quilty inspiration. Follow me at PINKDOXIES, and turn on post notifications. You'll get a great feed of fun pictures like this where quilts are the focus, and zero politics.

 Total Teaser

I'm not a big a big fan of telling you I'm doing 'secret sewing', but once in a while there's something so fun I have to sneak in a picture. The Jen & Jan's Mini Blog Hop QAL is coming Friday, and I'm super excited! Pop back for a whole string of amazing bloggers showing their take on her new house block.

 That's enough for now. Lots to do. Lots to make.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.


Angie in SoCal said...

Sorry about you migraine - those can be so excruciating. Love that pillow.

Kate said...

Sorry the migraine brought you home. Those are so not fun. Thankfully my migraines disappeared after I had kids. Love the llama pillow!

Jens C. Kruse said...


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Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

So glad you found a guild. I hope you have fun.