Monday, February 20, 2017

Slow Sewing for the Soul

A Slow Stitch Saturday Morning

This past Saturday was filled with light. I have a north window in my studio, and the light was perfect to sit and hand stitch these last few pieces. The turkey and deer kept stopping at my window as if to say, "Just passing through to see what you're doing this fine morning." It was soothing to the soul. The few seams I had to complete were with Aurifil's Invisible Monofilament Thread, and unless the light is perfect it is darned difficult to see! I really love this thread.

This piece is an original design I started at least a year ago. It started with these free form blocks, and I developed the design around it. Lots and lots of Y seam, and unanticipated mathematical dilemmas. It's not nearly as straight forward as it looks.

It was on and off the design wall several times through the day. It changes so much with the light. I seem to get lost in it when I stare.

The more solid looking fabrics in the frames are Moda Grunge. Again, it's a favorite fabric line, and probably the one that prompted me to start my own dyeing. So many aspects of this piece have caused me to slow down and grow before I could finish it. Is that how things become significant for us? 

Given a quarter turn, it feels different to me. I've tucked under the edges the see if it balances the X's better. The precision of seams and points at the edges is less than I'd like, but the best I could do at the time. Cutting the whole design back a few inches all around would eliminate that aspect. I'm considering it.

The corners are finally on, but I haven't decided if I'll cut it down yet. I'm always amazed at how working on my own design pushes me to analyze it over and over. There's been nothing fast about this, but I've enjoyed every meditative minute. 

The past many weeks have felt like driving on a super highway, and I'm ready for some country roads, I think. A drive out into the country around here yesterday was restorative. Spring is right around the corner. 

I'm going to journey south to QuiltCon 2017 later this week. I'm sure I'll have spring fever by the end of the weekend. Are any of you planning on being there? Let me know because I'd love to be on the look out for some friendly faces. Wouldn't it be fun to meet?

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's go sew.


audrey said...

It's lovely. So many great colors and connections going on!

Sherrill said...

I LOVE it!! You have done such a fabulous job and it's beautiful!

PaulaB quilts said...

Thanks for sharing about your process. That is the creative part and I enjoy reading about how others work it out. I'm doing an Ad Hoc Improv Quilts challenge right now and have gone from no interest in my first vision to total immersion in my new one. Like you, my joy comes in the journey.

Kate said...

Love the colors. There is so much to see, each turn of the layout brings something new into focus. Beautifully done.

Cut&Alter said...

So lovely to see this finished - I remember seeing this at the start and it's great to see it again!