Thursday, February 9, 2017

Simplified Method for Block #37: 150 Canadian Women

 An Alternate Method to HST 
or Paper Piecing for Block #37
In 150 Canadian Women's Quilt Along
from Next Step Quilting

Those of you who know and love me have heard me rant about doing anything in the world to avoid paper piecing. I positively hate picking seams off paper. This block could be done by piecing half square triangles also, but I thought of an easier method that would maintain the straight of grain, and give a better chance of having it all line up nicely and neatly.

Cut both large half square triangles as directed in the instructions. Instead of cutting the smaller HST, cut two strips of fabric 2.5" x at least 5.5". I've left room for you to square it up.

Sew in a scant 1/4" seam. Press toward the darker fabric. Check your measurement to be sure your strip width measures 4.5".

Cut the strip into two pieces 2.5" wide. 
Cut one 2.5" square of the lighter fabric.

This is how your layout will look now. 

Sew the 2.5" x 4.5" pieces together as shown. See below.

Your seam should start 1/4" of the way in from the raw edge. A pin in the seam allowance of the bottom blocks will help you mark the place, but it's not crucial you are exact. End at the seam where the arrow is marked.

Now add the single square to the unit. Start 1/4" in, and sew to the end.

Your unit should look like this.
Press toward the lighter squares.

Your unit looks like this.

 Begin by lining up your ruler over the lighter edge of 3 vertical squares. Your 1/4" line should pass over the top and bottom points, and points of the darker squares. Pay attention to these points only, and trim off the excess white triangles.

Turn the unit to line up and trim the darker squares next. This time you will look at two different points. The 1/4" seam allowance at the top edge of the ruler should pass just across the center white triangle. The entire unit will be just a smidgen under 2" so line up accordingly with the 2" line. Trim.

Your unit should look like this.

Fold in half and finger press each of the 3 pieces. These are your registration marks.

Sew the HST unit to the largest HST first. The edges should meet exactly, and the points of the larger triangle should show as the picture. Pin in place. Sew. If you sew 'just to the right' of each crossed seam allowance of your HSTs, your points should remain perfect.

Because you are working with a bias edge in this block, be sure to press and set your seam before you press it open. This is a the best way to maintain a square block. It does matter.

Now line up your crease in the last HST with the point of your center triangle. Do not match it up with the end of the seam on the outside edge as that is not the center. Pin. Sew. Press and set, and press open. Square up your block if necessary.

Check out Next Step Quilt Designs for more blocks. I know a cd of the whole quilt along will be available through the site if you've missed some. The FaceBook group is an amazing bunch of supportive participants, and I'm grateful to be quilting with everyone there both Canadian and around the world.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Two more to go today.
Let's go sew.

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Like how you did this and great detailed instructions. I usually paper piece using freezer paper no paper to remove after stitching.

kupton52 said...

Thank you, Julie, for taking time to work this out and share. I avoid paper-piecing like the plague. I really should just suck it up and learn to like it....maybe next time. :)

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So smart! Thanks!

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A very elegant solution!

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Very good tutorial!

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Oh that's really clever, and a great finished block

Pauline said...

Julie - thank you so much for working this out and providing such a great tutorial for this block. I have been putting off learning how to paper piece for many many years because I think I already know that my brain is not going to like it! Thanks for sharing.
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