Monday, February 13, 2017

Be Mine, Quilted Valentine!

Be Mine!

To be quite honest, I'm not a big fan of sappy Valentine's Day things. We don't exchange anything extravagant--or anything at all most years. A simple, "I love you," suffices. A special dinner at home may be the extent of it for the Mister.

But this year I wanted something special to give my mom. (Gosh, have I ever said she doesn't like quilts? They are not her thing, and imagine me a quilter. On the other hand, she does like pretty things, and like me sews every day.) My mom is a one woman sewing storm for Little Dresses for Africa or wherever else she can find a way to get dresses, shorts, and sanitary pads there. A huge load is on its way to the Dominican Republic this week packed in bags of a medical team. She is doing an amazing job of helping meet the needs of people she will never know. She deserves something pretty in return for all her work. I wanted to quilt her a heart, but nothing original came to mind.

Curvy Log Cabin

Instead of a heart, I turned to my collection of Creative Grid rulers. Armed with a new curvy log cabin ruler and a stack of red and pink, I created 4 blocks. This was my first mock up, but it didn't do a thing for me.

Put it together this way, and it had a lot of color punch. I was so excited to have something to stitch on that I sat most of the evening quilting away on it. I lost track along the way of what was what, and just had fun. I may have over quilted it by the end!

I was almost sad when the quilting was done so I grabbed 3 shades of pink Perle cotton, and added some more stitching.

Some pale pink around the centers, and one of the darker around each edge. The rain poured this weekend while I sat in the warm, and enjoyed.

And what do you know? While I was turning it round and round to check my stitches, I realized I had actually made hearts with my embroidery stitches. Totally an accident, but perfect for Valentine's Day. I may have to change my story to being sappy after all.

I hope all your Valentine's wishes come true, and your heart is light today.

Come on, Doxie girls.
Let's get down to business, and go sew.

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Steffi said...

Sehr schön, deine Mutter wird sich bestimmt freuen!
Liebe Grüße

Unknown said...

Very nice....and VERY thoughtful. Your Mom will love it. She is a great lady, and I respect her helping heart & hands!!

Stitchin At Home said...

Beautiful work Julie! I would say this does qualify as sappy, but a well done sappy.

Jayne said...

So cute! I love, love the little X's! Your mom will love it!

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Valentines day? What valentines Day? Not in this house it isn't, in fact we have never celebrated it, although he did get me flowers, once, about 17 years ago I think, although to be honest I would rather have fabric. Saying that I really like your quilt, pretty pink and white and no hearts, lovely.

Angie in SoCal said...

It's lovely. I'm sure she's going to love it.

Susan said...

Oh so sweet Julie! Would you consider linking this to a Valentine Linky Parade I'm hosting?
Would love to see it there!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Very pretty Julie! I love those little x's!

Kate said...

Very pretty, not sappy at all.